Jul 27 2012

Why Katie Upton should model swimsuits for women

Kate Upton modeling swimsuits for women Kate Upton modeling swimsuits for women

Vol. 159, July 28, 2012

One needs to ask the question why it is necessary for one female to pick on another female’s body as the blogger of “Skinny Girl” has done. She goes as far as to call Kate Upton a “ little piggy. ”This because of this bloggers notion that Miss Upton has no body definition with “”huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition…”

The blogger says her comments were really about the double standard she sees in how people ask skinny woman if they are eating where she claims that the overweight are never asked why they eat so much. She goes onto explain that she has her own issues with food and eating. As a woman who stands at 5’ 7” and is trying to stay around 100 pounds it is obvious there are some very deep issues here that need to be handled.  She says that she is a professional in the fashion world, a world that used to be more in line with this bloggers thinking about weight. Yet, things are changing and Kate Upton is a part of that change.

Kate Upton has been chosen to be a cover model now given her more natural bodily form, even if not trim and toned. Any one who reads the news is well aware of the fact that the fashion industry has been ridiculed for many years for using models that are so thin that they themselves are suffering with eating disorders to keep at these unreasonable and unrealistic weights. In 2006 the Madrid’s regional government banned overly thin models in a show that they sponsored stating that the fashion industry had a responsibility to portray healthy body images. Soon after the Mayor of Milan, Italy said that she was seeking a similar restriction on her city’s fashion show. They each commented that the idea is to show beautiful fashion designs which never required the use of unhealthy bodily forms.

More recently even teenagers have asked the editors of their magazines to stop using photoshopping to create unrealistic images of the young woman models inside their covers. They too are looking for a more realistic representation of what young woman look like. This to stem the tide of feelings of low self worth sometimes leading to the development of eating disorders by comparing them selves to the doctored photographs in the magazines.

How woman view one another is one side of the issue. However, the voice that is lacking here is that of the male viewer. I have been working in the field of hypnosis for over a decade and I can tell you that men are not looking to hug skeletal figures. My male clients think of a healthy woman as one that has something to “grab” onto. Woman are supposed to have a form, a form that requires some fat to have that hour glass figure requiring a bit of a butt and a bit of a bust on top. They are expected to have larger more shapely thighs verses a male form where the thighs are generally less shapely. Is it necessary for her to be toned up. Not according to my clients. What they desire more is a woman with a sense of self, a woman who is happy and contented with her own form and a woman who has a life that is about more than obsessing about herself and how she looks.

So to all you woman who are desiring a bit more freedom in how to go about living your lives, free of all the propaganda out there of unrealistic and even unhealthy bodily forms, your dreams are already true. Ask the men and stop comparing yourself to unhealthy and unwanted ideas of what you should be, and be happy in who and what you are about – all those attributes of yours that go much further than skin deep.

If you have an issue with your body for whatever reason, consult with a hypnotist to release you from them. There is a healthier way to live and with a bit of help that could be realized by you in the least painful and quickest way I know to accomplish that end.

As one who works with people with eating disorders I note the adversarial role the blogger of “Skinny Girl” has taken with the shape of Kate Upton’s body. Her take that Kate is a “Piggy” because in her opinion there is no body definition and no traditional female form – that of an hour glass

There is indeed a double standard of sorts however it isn’t the one that blogger is speaking to where skinny woman are asked if they are eating enough.  where over weight people are never asked the same. What this woman fails to recognize is that not being an over weight person herself she would have no idea of the teases and looks that one receives when over weight or the reason that the over weight person may be that way. There are many reasons becoming better understood in the area of holding weight that go beyond the simple notion that all one need do is to diet and exercise to stay at a healthy weight. There are all sorts of hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, medication issues and genetic factors that are involved in weight gain. So taking this immature attitude against fellow women is as destructive as publishing a blog that has to do with how one is to starve them self


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