Oct 12 2017

Why Are You Where You Are Right Now?

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Why Are You Where You Are Right Now? – Vol. 424, Oct. 12, 2017

When I left California on August 1st, I knew I was coming back to the Boston area to see a few clients of mine that requested to have some sessions with me. I also knew that I wanted to be there in time for the National Guild of Hypnotists convention since it had been many years since I had attended it. What I didn’t know was that I would be learning of my mother’s physical decline, which would end up with me being by her deathbed with two of my sisters and their spouses ten days after I first saw her. Nor, did I expect to be here in Connecticut at a gentleman’s home who I have dated on and off since 2006, while he has spent the past week in the hospital. No, what I was expecting was for the two of us to spend a few days together looking at art and seeing some interesting sites as we always did while we were together.

So, I ask of you: Why are you where are right now? Because it is my guess that you may have thought that you knew why you were where you are right now. However, many times there are larger forces that bring us to these places that we didn’t even know that we needed to be. You may call this force God, or the Divine as in “Divine intervention” or as I call it “my Creator.”

We humans, especially of the first world spend so much of our time worrying about the smallest of things really. And yet, there are so many things that can throw our lives into a different place, at least for a period of time.

My mother made a decision that she couldn’t enjoy her life anymore. She was in unrelenting pain from her rheumatoid arthritis, she was always cold and she could no longer enjoy even the small things that she once did. Wheelchair-bound, reliant on others for everything, she realized that she had a good life, as she put it to me the day before she passed away, “I had two wonderful marriages and had fun raising my five kids.” Well, if that was the sum total of what she wanted to remember of her life, that was a true blessing.

Regarding my gentleman friend, he was on the other side of life, where his biggest fear was that he was going to die. It’s true that he is only 70 years old where my mother was 84. It is also true that he has many friends and can at times be totally engaged in life. However, there are also times when he gets very down and isolates himself and this he said has been going on for quite a few months. He was having a hard time breathing, and he was feeling light-headed when he would get up. The edema in his feet and ankles were making it very hard for him to walk anywhere – also signs of his larger health issues. And yet, he wants to live as he has much he still wants to do, places in the world that he wants to explore, books to read and art exhibits to see.

If you are finding yourself not feeling good, having lightheadedness, unable to move your feet because your ankles are inflamed, unable to breathe well enough to make it up a few steps, by all means, get the medical attention that you need. Stop putting it off, because like my friend you are fearful of what you may find out. He came very close to the end because, without a phone that was charged up, he couldn’t call for help. It was because I was here visiting him, that I could take him to the urgent care, where he was taken by ambulance to the emergency department of a nearby hospital. It was only because the Divine had placed me right here at the moment that I was needed that my friend was able to get the medical attention required.

One of the things that my mother taught me from her own example, was to always look the scary stuff right in the face and deal with it. Find out everything you can so that you can make good decisions. And, this is something that I want to hand down to you. Only you know how you are feeling, and only you know if you need help. So, please, do what you need to do if you find that you can’t take care of a problem on your own and ask for the required help from someone who can help you. It may be that they have the skills to help you. Most likely, they will need to bring in some specialist to get the job done. None of us can do it ALL on our own. So, do take a look at which side of the equation you are on as the “helper’ or the “helped” and be strong enough to do what is being asked of you, on whichever side of the equation you find yourself.


Photo by skyseeker

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