Dec 03 2015

Why Do 12-Step Programs Fail 95% of The People in Them?

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Why Do 12-Step Programs Fail 95% of The People in Them? – Vol. 337, December 3, 2015 

Here is one of my favorite subjects because, I know that 12-Step programs are the “go to” places for anyone who is referring a person with an addiction to go to, and they are one of the worst places a person with an addiction can attend.  As a hypnotist, a person who has studied languaging to assist my clients (and myself heal), the manner in which we express ourselves matters. Let me explain:

It is our unconscious mind, which I will abbreviate as UCM going further, that directs us to do those things that we don’t want to do, and stops us from doing those things we want to do, but won’t. Our UCM is like a child before the age of 8 or so when every word spoken is taking literally. The UCM is unable to reason, rationalize or judge anything. So, when one stands in a 12-Step program professing to be an addict, they are telling their UCM that they are an addict. Why does that matter? Glad you asked. Because every time you say that you are an addict, your unconscious mind is going to create all the thoughts and behaviors of an addict, making it so much harder to release the addiction because you are fighting off your urges every single day.

The second problem that I have learned from my clients is that these are the best places to find out where you can get your drugs if you aren’t really wanting to let go of the problem, but are forced to show up for the meetings for whatever reason. I have had sex addicts tell me that it is at the 12-step meetings that they found out where the best massage places to get whatever they wanted done, done. So if you are serious about giving up your addiction, playing with those who are still engrossed with the mentality of addiction isn’t the best place to go, not really.

The third problem as far as I am concerned is that it is a place where co-dependency occurs. If someone feels that without a meeting they are not going to make it through the day – and are told that they have to go to these meetings constantly and for the rest of one’s life, then when the hell does one ever learn how to be un-addicted, healthy engrossed in non-addiction behaviors, non-addictive activities with non- addicts?

My clients learn how to become non-addicts, getting in touch with those things they always loved doing before the addiction took over their lives. They learn how to express themselves in a mature way so that others will treat them respectfully and nicely. They learn how to be the best selves they can be without the need to ever go to a 12-step meeting leaving a hell of a lot of time to be with their families, be with their friends – those who don’t do the once addicted behavior, out in nature, attending cultural and sporting events – whatever it is they enjoy, as long as it is healthy, safe and in line with what they enjoy and are interested in.

Read the Orange Report if you think I am telling you something that isn’t true. It is a meta study, meaning a study of hundreds of studies on 12-step programs and you will find that less then 5% of those who attended 12-step programs were no longer addicted one year later. That means a 95% failure rate. Not exactly the numbers that I would be looking for in any treatment program I was to attend. You can find it here:

So, find yourself a way other than 12-step meetings to get the care you need to become non-addicted. Hell, most of the addicts who have become non-addicted did it on their own. They made a decision, and went on with life. If you can’t do that, find a hypnotist that specializes in this work, because it can be dangerous if the hypnotist has no idea what they are doing. Drug addiction is a serious matter, and there are many other mental health issues that can come along with drug addiction – depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, etc. So, find someone that you see has handled addictions with great testimonials on their websites and go from there. Good luck with it and stay the hell out of those dangerous to your UCM 12-Step programs!

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