Oct 29 2015

Whose Watching the FDA When It Comes to Pharmaceuticals?

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Whose Watching the FDA When It Comes to Pharmaceuticals?  Vol. 332, October 29, 2015 –

When I first got involved in hypnosis, I met a medical hypnotist who was once a pharmaceutical representative. Her name is Melissa Roth and she came to hypnosis after healing herself of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, also known as IBS. Ms. Roth wrote a particularly realistic if disturbing article for the International Hypnosis Federation’s paper, Hyp-News of the Day, for Oct, 2015 called Failings of the FDA. As, you know, I have written some articles for this blog and certainly have written on many of the deeper issues involved in the over selling of conventional medicine, in my downloadable book Wake Up Doctors, free when one signs up for the weblog on this website.

The reason that you need to know this information is so that you can protect yourself from our medical industrial complex, which is more interested in making money off your illness then helping to heal you. Ms. Roth has some scary statistics that I am going to share with you below, so you can find out for yourself who it is that is watching the FDA.

In 2000 there were 267,000 adverse drug reactions reported to the FDA. By 2006 there were 471,000 adverse drug reactions reported. If that weren’t bad enough, the number of deaths practically tripled, from 5,519 to 15,107. According to the CDC 37,485 died from prescription drug overdose. When did this all begin? Ms Roth reports that it was back in 2004 when staff scientists who concluded that antidepressants could increase suicidal behavior in teens, were silenced. Also during 2004 the FDA took their time in getting Vioxx of the market after it was shown to increase heart attacks and strokes. Two years later, in 2006 it was withdrawn from the market.

FDA commissioner Dr. Edward Van Eshchenbach requested a special assessment to determine if the FDA was even capable of doing its job. The conclusion of the report was that the FDA is unable to even keep up with the science, never mind fulfilling its mission because of its lack of capacity.

However, there is an even more damning reality that is going on here which you need to better understand. Ask yourself who is funding the FDA? It seems that it is the pharmaceutical companies. These companies fund over 50% of the drug review budget. And five years from now it is expected to account for 70% of the drug review budget. And, I bet you didn’t know that 22% of the FDA’s advisory board members who vote on which drugs and devises get approved have direct financial interest in the companies that they are supposed to evaluate. Talk about a conflict in interest!

So, what do you do? Do your best to not need to take any medications by making healthy eating choices, get a bit of exercise every day, hang out with positive and fulfilled people and do some self-hypnosis every day Doing self-hypnosis every day has been found to boosts the number of circulating immune cells in your body preventing many illnesses. The very act of doing self-hypnosis will lower your blood pressure and blood sugar as well, Ms. Roth reports. So, if you can’t trust the FDA to protect you, then perhaps you can trust yourself to take the actions needed to never require any of these pharmaceuticals.

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