Oct 05 2017

Who Do You Listen To?

Who Do You Listen To? – Vol. 423, Oct. 5, 2017

Interesting things occur in one’s family when the second of two parents pass away, especially when one has stopped interacting with the great majority of them over a period of seven years, as in this case.

I bring this up because you may also find yourself being the “black sheep” of the family, going against the blatant lies told about your past actions because the truth was never understood for the reality it was at the time certain decisions needed to be made. Or perhaps, your lifestyle does not fit in with what the society at large demands, as you may have found as I did, that your mental and emotional makeup detest the idea that someone else, mainly a boss, is to determine what you do with your most precious resource for eight to ten hours a day. Or, perhaps you are an innovator, who has a totally different take on the world and what it has to offer, then those who are the ‘lemmings” following what they were told because it takes too much time and effort to figure out what would be the perfect life for themselves.

There is so much noise out there with people trying to sell their “systems” to success. There are others who just can’t let you be yourself, always telling you what you need to do to conform to a world that makes less sense with each new year.

The mystics of yesteryear are pretty clear that the only person who you can truly learn from is yourself, your inner self. That part of yourself that comes out when you are willing to take the time to listen to the higher self, inside yourself for clarity. It’s not an easy idea to understand as so many people out there in the world are jamming their ideas down your throat. However, if we were to be “real” with ourselves and look to those ideas, those values, those beliefs, those interests that hold our interest, then perhaps the hard times would be less hard, as the fun times are more invigorating, certainly then those who have succumbed to the ridiculous idea that their lives are owed to some entity that most likely could give a crap about them, and instead listen to your own heart, your own soul, your own sense of who you are at your core. Because it is only there that you will find the best way for you to continue on your journey. No one said that this is the ‘easy” way to create a life. However, it is the most fulfilling and fun way to create a life- because you are the one who is taking charge of your own life and in the end, isn’t that what being an adult is all about – making your own choices based on what moves you into action?

Let go of the ill-formed ideas of those people in your family who have beliefs about you from your childhood, and be among those who know you as you are now. Those who are willing to see and understand what you truly are offering the world with your experiences, your knowledge, your interests and your education. Those who are supportive of the true authentic you, because they truly “hear” what you are saying and it resonates with them. These are the people to listen to, only AFTER you have figured out what it is that you want to do with the precious time that you have in this material world that we call life.

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