Dec 22 2016

What Do You Really Want For Christmas This Year?

What Do you Really Want For Christmas this Year? – Vol. 393, December 22, 2016

Well, I personally am not a Christian. However, Christmas time is attached to those feelings of what you would like to receive from others, including seeing the loving adoring faces of those for whom you purchased those thoughtfully chosen gifts you gave.

Being a 55 year old woman, I have a different idea of the “gifts” given and received then the masses so attached to the “buying season,” which has already begun, this being the day after Thanksgiving, as I write this weblog. With many people going through the malls, hearing the Christmas Carols, or perhaps purchasing goods online to give as gifts, I no longer endeavor to take part of this aspect of the Christmas season. In fact, I have a philosophy of life that says, that one is to give gifts from the heart throughout the year as I feel moved to do so. So, that is what I do.

So, what are the gifts that I want to receive in the more abstract form?

First, I would love to finally have the work completed for my new programs, having dealt with all the unfortunate events that took my time and attention away from them these last couple of weeks.

Second, I would love to spend time with those that I find fun and enjoyable, inspired and action oriented in their lives. I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with a group of such people, who taught me so many important facts, helpful with my own work. It was wonderful to be in such company. I don’t know if I shall ever see these people again, they being friends and relatives of the person who invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her. However, it is that kind of company that I most enjoy, if I am going to spend my time in conversation.

Third, to have time and space to enjoy my friends and relatives both in person if they are local, or over the phone. Just today, the day after Thanksgiving, I finally received a call back from a long time friend who helped me through some difficult times in the past, as I helped him. He said the time difference is a challenge because it’s easiest for him to call first thing in the morning, but that would be 5 AM out here. He said if someone called him at that hour he would be “pissed” so, he tries to be mindful of this situation. I do appreciate it, because though I do sometimes wake up early, being on the phone at 5 AM is quite a stretch for me, not being a morning person in the first place.

Fourth, time alone to think and create, read and write, and do my self hypnosis – which is my way of clearing my own head, creating what I desire in my future and healing old wounds as best I can, on my own. These are sacred times for me, and as such, I do my best to fit them in each morning before I interact with anyone. However, that doesn’t always happen. During the holiday season, while everyone else is busy going to relatives and friends houses to exchange gifts and do the Americanized rituals, I would much prefer to stay home and just relax doing what I want to do. The days of going to two or more homes to exchange gifts, trying to be polite when the situation may not have warranted it, and feeling worn out for the whole ordeal, are over or me.For this I am most grateful. It isn’t that I didn’t enjoy some of the holiday events I attended. It is more that I resented having to purchase gifts for people I only saw that one day of the year who never made time to spend more time with me and my ex-husband. I resented having to do things on other peoples’ time lines and most of all I hated having big stupid dogs being brought to he host’s home to get into all the food on the coffee table because people don’t leave their animals at home. Also, being one that has zero desire to watch videos, football games or the general idiocy on the television, I am glad to not have to deal with that any longer.

Over time situations change. I do have family on the east coast, without a desire to see them over the holiday season of all time. I no longer have a spouse’s family to share the holiday with, no longer being married. And quite honestly, I don’t miss any of it. Not really. Sure, there was some good homemade food to be enjoyed, but the hassle of the rest of it, wasn’t worth the energy put forth for me.

So, what do you want for Christmas this year? I sincerely hope it goes beyond the proverbial toys you may receive. Look into your own heart, be honest and make that your Christmas gift to yourself. Your worth it!

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