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What is Time Line Therapy ® and how can it help issues such as depression, pain management and negative emotions

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What is Time Line Therapy™?

Time is an interesting aspect of our lives. It is through time that we store our memories and experiences which becomes the lens through which we experience our lives. Time Line Therapy™ was developed by Tad James Ph.D. as a technique to allow individuals to go back in time to the beginning of where a negative emotion began. When the process is done individuals are able to release all their negative emotions and feel cleared of the conflicts that were there before the process. In short, a freedom from the past is experienced.

I use Time Line Therapy™ with almost everyone who comes to see me because it cleans the slate and allows them to quickly and effectively move on to the most important work. This always has to do with dealing with the past, coming to the present and creating a future based on living their dreams.

My belief is that anyone with normal intelligence has the capacity to do this work and receive the rewards for doing so. It brings me great joy and delight to be invited to assist my clients in reaching for the stars, living their dreams, and finding that it really does all work quite easily and quickly once they allow themselves the opportunity to find congruence within themselves.


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