May 01 2014

What Emotions Are Necessary For Success?

Gratitude JournalWhat Emotions Are Necessary For Success? -Vol. 255, May 1, 2014


Geoffrey James wrote the article 3 Emotions at the Root of Success in where he explained his desire to figure out what emotions are necessary for business success.

He came up with three equations based on the three emotions he found necessary for businesses to succeed: gratitude, commitment and empathy. I found this idea especially interesting being a person who is always delving into my clients’ emotions working to have them feel more success in their lives generally. With that in mind I believe this template could be used for any successful endeavor no matter the area in which it is applied. Here are the three equations Mr. James came up with:


  1. Gratitude=>Patience=>Timing=>Success


Gratitude works to help to delay financial gratification. Being grateful allows for the patience to have a larger financial gain later. This was proven in a study that was published in Psychological Science, according to the article. This comes into effect when a company is willing to wait for the right conditions to release a product or when an employer is grateful for the employees work.


2. Commitment=>Courage=>Action=>Success


Commitment is tied to motivation which will get one to take action through the difficult times which take courage, while sprinting during the more favorable times.


  1. Empathy=>Insight=>Relationships=>Success


By having empathy one can gain better insight into another’s thoughts building the relationships that are necessary for a successful business.


I found these ideas to be right on target because without the understanding of how our emotions work in our businesses, we are left at a great loss. As important as these concepts are in business, they are just as important when dealing with our personal relationships. A great relationship must be nurtured over time always being grateful, never taking another for granted, while respecting the timing needed to be right for it to work.


One must be committed to the relationship with the courage to take action especially if it is something that feels hard, yet necessary to be done.


Always being able to feel empathy toward the other’s point of view to gain the required insight to allow for the relationship to grow I also necessary.


If you keep these simple ideas in mind you too can find yourself having much better and more fulfilling relationships adding to your overall feelings of success in life.



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