Sep 18 2014

What Can Be Done to Heal Our Healers?

Doctor HandWhat Can Be Done to Heal Our Healers? – Vol. 277, September 18, 2014

You know, I have had too many health issues over the years. Unfortunately in many of these situations I had so-called healers who were unable to hear what I was saying, jumping to conclusions and in the process making my life miserable for longer than was necessary. I bring this up because these incidents made me very hostile toward the medical professionals who just could not listen,worse would not listen to what I was telling them about my own history and my own body.

Now, an interesting thing happened along my journey in life of healing when I found out about this wonderful doctor, who found herself being abused by a system that wouldn’t even allow her to take care of her own health, forcing her to do surgeries as she was experiencing what we know as the stomach flu. So, the next question I had to ask myself is how we came up with a system that degrades the health of our healers to the point that they can’t even take care of themselves, never mind anyone else. Dr. Lissa Rankin is on a mission to help healers of all sorts let go of their own stress having found out through her own research that stress is indeed the number one killer, being the precursor to most of what ails us.

I started hearing about the myriads of pressures that our licensed medical professionals are under coming from the pushing of pills thanks to the infiltration of the big pharma into their legions. Too many willing to share the deceptive messages of “Big Pharma” executives with their colleagues for huge sums of money. The insurance companies that would rather take away appropriate care by inducing a medial industrial complex based on income production over giving loving and appropriate health care. The owners and managers of the medical practices and hospitals that these licensed professionals work within, forcing them to see a cattle call of patients never allowing enough time to truly assess the medical needs of their patients resulting in the 5 to 7 minute consultation you get with your doctor here in the USA.

Once I began to see the sad way our health care professionals are forced to live, so very different than my happily self-employed, self-determined dentist father, I realized that many of them are feeling angry at how the system has stopped them from practicing medicine in the authentic way it needs to be done to create healing. Many have a sense of loss of what they thought they were working so hard to achieve in being loving, caring well educated professionals, answering to a higher calling, in doing what it takes to do this challenging work, only to feel the frustration at the lack of control that they have over their own lives. This isn’t what many signed up for and as such have a right to feel they were screwed over by a system in which they have no control.

What I realized is that these people are only people and as such they require the same ability to take are of themselves as anyone else. They actually need even more of a chance to take care of themselves, because working with the ill and perhaps dying, is a very emotionally charged position to be in. These medical professionals need great amounts of time off to recharge and replenish themselves so that they can give to their patients what they require to heal. And, most of all before all of that they need the chance to let go of these negative emotions allowing themselves new choices to gain control over the manner in which they practice their art of giving health care. For without a clear mind and a clear path to do what they have determined to do with their lives, there is absolutely no way for them to be of any help in healing others. It all begins with the self first and then one can apply what they have learned to others. People will do what they witness, not what they are told to do. This may be one of the reasons that we have so many over weight, depressed and anxiety ridden people here in the United States – because the health care givers are themselves full of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping them from living their lives in a manner that brings happiness and fulfillment to themselves.

I am well aware of the fact as a health care provider in my own right, that when my life has crumbled before me, that I was of little to no use for my clients. In some cases in the past, I was more of a problem then a help to my clients. So, I am very sure of from where I speak. One can only teach what one has learned for one’s self. I am here inviting anyone in the health care profession, especially the licensed medical professionals who have the ability to write prescriptions or work inside someone’s mind to clear their own chaos while getting aligned with what is truly their life’s calling. One cannot not act to the benefit of another until one’s life is one of integrity, both inside and out. That is just the way it is, so must be respected for what it is.

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