Mar 23 2017

What Are You Focusing Your Time & Energy On?

What Are You Focusing Your Time & Energy On? – Vol. 406, March 23, 2017

Today with all the negativity being broadcasts over our information media, telling us of all the horrible things that people are enduring these days from the racism to the horrific losses from the many tornados this past week throughout the country, what are you focusing your life’s energy on?

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all this negative reportage. One gets to the point where they can’t even hear it any more, because of the repeated comments, pictures, etc. However, there are others who are highly empathic, and for them this negative news does great harm.

What is the tonic for this? Simple: turn off the news. Find something that you care about doing and go do it. Make it something that will help you and the world be a better place for your time any energy. Let go of the irrational fear mongering that our news media and our politicians love to throw at us. It is their way to get hold of our minds and make us nervous about being who we are and living our lives based on what is meaningful to us.

I implore you to go inside your own self to figure out what matters to you. If you want to take on a cause that is close to your heart – go for it, but know that you are doing it because you really care about the cause, never do these things out of fear

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