Wakeup Doctors

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After one too many instances when one of my client’s physical health was endangered by multiple allopathic practitioners dismissing the tremors, change in mood, consistent complaints of physical and emotional discomfort during the Christmas holiday week, it became evident that something had to be done about this problem. You doctors provide a very necessary service only when you are wiling to listen to your patients complaints, observe what is staring you in the eyes at that very moment while providing care with the compassion you would like to receive while in a similar situation.

Unfortunately this is not the care that this client of mine received. How do I know? Because I too was belittled by the emergency doctors and nurses with my concern about my clients health. Something was very wrong and yet, no one had any answers, just blaming her for what was really a drug reaction she never should have had, never having been put on the medication. The lessons learned from her and many other case histories in this book including my own are:

  • Why some doctors are unhappy with our current medical system
  • Getting rid of preconceptions of Your Patients while building their trust and respect in you
  • Why Listening to your patients symptoms is the most important thing you can do
  • Why the pharmaceutical companies are running the medical system while promoting ill health for your patients including death
  • Why protecting yourself from malpractice is creating lack of trust in you by your patients
  • Why informing your patients of your findings is equal to their own investment in their health
  • Always refer out to a specialist if required for optimum health of your patient
  • Why integrating complimentary health practitioners is an important part of your patients healing process especially if they are requesting it from you
  • Why follow-up with your patients is so important to patients feeling great about trusting you with their care

Why thanking your patients for entrusting you with their care is more important than you could ever imagine