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Vol. 97 February 2011 – Living Your Definite Purpose

In the beginning of the 20th century Napoleon Hill was chosen by Andrew Carnegie to study the tycoons of his day to outline the principles to success that these men used.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich Hill teaches us that getting control of our mind, most especially our unconscious mind, the part of our mind that runs us, will allow us to concentrate our energy toward taking action in achieving our definite purpose – that reason why we are here on this planet for anyone who is willing to take the time to answer that question for themselves.

In the past couple of days there are two people who are in my personal life who have demonstrated the willingness to heed their callings by getting in touch with what is truly important to them. The changes in these two woman over the past couple of years is just astounding, even more so because each of them is over 50 years of age. Generally the older you get, the more difficult it is to make changes in your life.

I met the first woman through an email she sent me inquiring about which hypnosis trainings she ought to take to be certified. She told me of a hypnotist she had been seeing to clear the issues that she felt were bogging her down and was wondering if he would be a good trainer for her. I had never heard of the gentleman and gave her my referrals, which she did indeed follow through on pursuing.

it was discovered through our correspondence that we were each going through divorces which our respective spouse desired.

A few months later met at one of the trainings that I suggested and built a friendship.

Last year when I returned home from my “Great Adventure” abroad this women was very involved in what I consider fatalistic thinking, worried about the world to come after 2012 and focused on conspiracy theory as portrayed on the internet for any who are willing to waste their time with such propaganda. I told her that I had no use for such talk and that she sounded more like a person suffering from paranoia. I told her to seek some help around this issue. I also let her know that it would be a good idea for us to take a break from one another till she got this sorted out.

It was a little over a year till I received a message on my voice mail from her, wanting to find out what was going on with me, most especially my health having been aware of the issue of my brain tumor from the time of its discovery the previous year.

We chatted for a while, she updating me on the video that she and her boyfriend were making to illuminate the reasons why some people have issues with loss of memory forming symptoms of dementia at an earlier age than others.

The most interesting and gratifying aspect to this story is that this particular woman is using her substantial mind with the suggested positive mental attitude to bring healing to others in the manners in which she has discovered including the necessary step of being gracious for her God given talents and gifts as Napoleon Hill suggests.

The second woman with whom I have seen a whole change in direction is my old roommate. She came upon my doorstep looking for a room to live in while she was contracted to work at a local bank for six months. Within the first thirty minutes she had given me her whole life story, containing items that one would generally not share with what was at that point still a total stranger. However it was evident from that beginning that we were indeed meant to a very special role in each other’s lives, though that was to unfold toward the end of her stay. It was then that she asked me to teach her how to use NLP in the business world. I told her that I would be happy to share what I knew with her AFTER she had cleared all her own personal garbage out of the way. You see, over the course of the previous five months she was with me every time she would speak to her family back home the anger would come out demonstrating that there was some work to be done before I would entrust her to use the understanding of the unconscious mind out there in the greater world as she had asked me to teach her. She immediately agreed to this condition and we began to do the work together. She is a fast study and very quickly retrained her unconscious mind to let go of the anger allowing deeper love and compassion to shine through.

For a while after she got home things worked out real well, because her husband really did not want her to have to leave the homestead once he understood it was his attitude that was her excuse for running across the country and the globe. Sure the economy is tight in their area, however, few people find it necessary to leave home for 6 months to a year at a time with only a visit or two during the duration.

A couple of days ago I received a call from this special lady, very upset she was with the marginalization of her loving gestures toward her family. She had finally had enough. I was at this time that I did an intervention of sorts with her over the phone asking her to get in touch with her definite purpose allowing her inner child to guide her.

Yesterday when I picked up her phone call there was the exuberant energy of a freed soul as she expressed to me her new understanding that the only person who she can make happy is herself. She is now ready to allow her true healing gifts to be realized by giving herself the gift of severing from a relationship that has acted to deaden her life’s energy and was stifling her definite purpose along the way.

The lesson here is a very important one for any of you who feel that you may be stuck in your lives. I would like you to redress the areas of your life where negativity is showing itself and do what you must to unleash yourself from it. Next, I would like you to search your soul to find that which is your innate gift to the world. It is only when you become engaged with your gifts that will you be able to find true happiness and serenity in your life, as it will be emanating from your soul then outward into the world.

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