Oct 20 2012

Vol. 96, January, 2011 – Why The Pain? Doctors Found No Reason

I received a call a year and a half ago from a young professional woman who had been experiencing pain in her left shoulder for most of her life. She had gone to a chiropractor to deal with the pain. Though the adjustments did help, the pain kept returning after a while. It then occurred to her that her pain may be caused by something that happened earlier in her life, something that she could not remember.

She came to my office with her husband armed with pictures of herself from the age of 7 on, pointing out the lowered left shoulder in each of the photos.

After being regressed back in time we found the cause of the pain in her shoulder. My client remembered playing with pots and pans in her grandmother’s kitchen at the age of two. Her grandmother was very upset with her playing on the floor in the ‘her’ kitchen. She next recalled her grandmother placing her head under the water in the bathtub holding her there as punishment.

After this memory was recalled her pain in the left shoulder lessoned to the point where it barely bothered her. It was not a perfect fix because there were other issues in her marriage that were creating much stress in her life. However, she was very happy to finally know what created the somatic response at long last.

If you are having pain in your body and there is no physiological reason for it, you may very well be having a physical response to an emotional traumatizing event earlier in your life. Hypnosis is a great way to get to cause of the issue, however do make sure that you have ruled out any physiological causes before calling a hypnotist. Pain is the body’s way to signal that something needs to be dealt with, so we want to make sure that this is the appropriate intervention for you. If you do have any pain, the hypnotist needs to get a referral from a doctor before seeing you giving the hypnotist the go ahead to work with you. This is based on the professional practices in place in the United States at this time for the consumer’s protection.

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