Jan 12 2013

Vol. 93, October 2010- Remaining Positive in A Negative World

By Donna N.

Returning from my coffee break at work, I am now in a more negative state of mind than when I first arrived a mere 2 hours earlier.

I guess it could be from having to listen to CNN on the big flat screen TV that is on the wall, and rather hard not to hear. At one point today, the commentator was talking about Fidel Castro, and how he believes we in the world are on the brink of a nuclear war. A little depressing to hear at 8am on a Thursday morning, even if it is overcast and rainy.

Could this be why companies insist on playing CNN 24 hours a day, in all the common areas. It is not just where I work, but it is pretty much everywhere.  Even while waiting with my partner for an MRI at a local hospital we were literally forced to listen/hear the negative, depressing news.

I am wondering if these companies feel that if we hear how bad it is in the third world countries, or if we listen to the pizza delivery guy who had worked three jobs to make it easier for his twin daughters and was killed on one of his deliveries, perhaps we would minimize our losses and our negative feelings. Perhaps we would see we really don’t have it that bad after all.
Maybe they are right, we really don’t have it that bad after all.  I at least have a job, and it pays fairly well. I have a roof over my head, and am fairly healthy.

One can truly get STUCK in the negative mode, guess that is where the “UCK” comes from in the work “STUCK”.

I am wondering,  if I were on an island with just “happy people” that were only exposed to “happy news” would I be happy? If I did not hear that we as a world could be on the verge of a nuclear war, would I be more apt to feel more happy and productive going through my day today. Probably.

So my mission is now to find this island with those happy people on it.

I guess my positive attitude needs some work. Trouble is how to do this and where to find the help.

One way to do this is to change my thought process, and through hypnosis this can be possible. I know, I have done it. Then I will be able to create my own island where I can be optimistic and focus in on the positive. As a result of learning how to let go of the negative that is out there in the world. I have been successful in being off of anti-depressants, for two years after having been on them for 34 years to barely function. Now, I can still get into a negative states, however now I have the ability to pull my self out of negativity and into a positive mindset. I am functioning and happier moving easier through my world. By shifting the way my unconscious deals with the negativity I have been able to focus on the positive that is out there, no longer being overwhelmed by all the negative news. Done on the unconscious level a real shift in thinking and thought process occurs.

No one wants to be stuck in negativity. So do yourself a favor, if you feel stuck-give hypnosis a try. It allows your mind to be receptive to the positive seeing the glass half full.
You will be surprised at just how much more happy, productive and resilient to CNN and negative news you can be even if you are forced to have it be there in your life.

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