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Vol. 91, August, 2010 – Where Passion Creates Life

Written By Donna N.

I am fortunate to be working at something that I have become passionate about, healing people and creating new ways to do this.  I have been in this field for over half of my life and no matter what the difficulty, I always seem to find the energy to continue to do the job I love. I started falling in love with the science and chemistry of medicine in high school after being lucky enough to have one of those teachers who taught as if she also suffered from passion. I call it “suffered from” because when one has this passion, about really anything, one knows that nothing will get in the way of what one is passionate about.

Recently I had the opportunity to go to a conference in California. Not having traveled, or taken a vacation in over 25 years or so, I had alot of fear around this trip. I really wanted to go because I felt passionate about the conference as it had to do with my work, however the “fear” thing was getting in my way. I guess it came down to whether the fear was stronger than the passion. It turns out in this case it wasn’t and I plowed through the fear riding on the wings of my passion. I am grateful I was able to have the experience for if I had not had the passion, I may not have had the vehicle to get through the fear.  In fact it makes it easier to get up in the wee hours of the morning when most people are warm and cozy in their beds to go to work. I am grateful to have this passion because it makes me feel like I have a purpose and I enjoy this purpose. Without it, I would simply just exist. It is great from the perspective that I feel energized by it.

Purpose and passions can change over time, and become stronger. They can also lead into other areas which is the case for me.

I have been helping to write these newsletters now for just about 9 months, the time it takes to give birth to a child. It is ironic that I use this analogy because it sort of seems like a child has been born.

I came to Dawning Visions Hypnosis, Inc. just close to two years ago, having found the website out of desperation to “try” something new to cure myself.  (See previous newsletters for the details on why and how it all worked for me, and many others before and after me.)

Having hypnosis work as fast and as permanently as it has in my life, may be the reason I have evolved my primary passion of the chemistry of medicine  into this new passion of the chemistry of alternative medicine. After over 30 years of being medicated with drugs that never worked trying to stay one step away from suicide and one foot out the door of a psych hospital, working in chemical medicine gave me a “reason” for living. However, the use of hypnotism was the answer I had been searching for all those years. It gave me a reason to live that did not depend on chemical “medicine” or drugs, or twelve step meetings. I could  just “live” my life because I wanted to.

Because of the success of using hypnotism I started doing more research into the field and found out that the science of the mind has been proven by the work of experts in the field of addictions which I now refer to as “the chemistry of alternative medicine”. This has became my new passion, getting this information out in the world. Dr. Daniel Amen  has educated us through the brain scans of addicts along with the research that Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of National Institute of Health, Department of Drug Addictions, in the  physiology of how addictions work. Dopamine is heightened in the brain of all sorts of addictions be they chemical addictions or addictions of behavior such as gambling, sex, etc. This has lead me to my new passion of proving the efficacy of hypnotism in creating “recovered addicts” in a manner that the old technologies have never been able to achieve in the 80 plus years of their existence.  There is a difference between being in “recovery” and being “recovered” from abuse of drugs or any other addiction.  Taking anti-depressants for depression and having them leave you merely functioning is to me the same as being “in recovery”. Clearing the reasons for the depression and being a non-depressed person, is what I would consider being “recovered” because there is no depression to be managed.

Because I found hypnosis I am able to be both recovered and non-depressed and I no longer have to deal with either of these problems or treat them with the ongoing medicinal chemistry as I was trying to do rather unsuccessfully. It was successful to the point where I was alive, but unsuccessful to the point that I was not “living”.    I was able to clear both of these issues with alternative medicinal chemistry-hypnosis.

I have learned that without any passion in life, there is not much to live for, at least as far as I have been able to realize. After 35 years in one job, that fulfilled me, I realized that  there was much I was missing in the other areas of life. Being with people and doing things outside the job, have brought some much needed balance into my life for I did not have the capacity to engage in these endeavors while I was still so depressed and on drugs as a “coping mechanism”. In short I shut myself off to everything out side of work that could have given me a fuller life. As a result of finally being able to function more normally I am currently able to do those activities that enriches one’s life as well as focusing my energies on educating anyone who will listen about the chemistry of alternative medicine as a much healthier means to a full life without the need to use chemicals either prescribed or abused to reach that end.

I am fortunate that I had the drive to continue to seek out an answer to the problems that I had in my life that were preventing me from living a fuller life that I now enjoy, instead of existing in a life that was dependent on prescribed anti-depressants and the abuse of mind altering drugs.

It has been the difference between just being alive and living life.

Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul

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Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul
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