Dec 10 2015

A Very Special Person Who Is Living Her Calling

angelsVol. 338, December 10, 2015 – A Very Special Person Who Is Living Her Calling

A couple of nights ago I went to a meeting and it was there that I met an amazing woman. Let me tell you her story and you will most assuredly agree with me that she is amazing.

This particular woman had done her medical school education in her home land of India. When she came to the U.S. it was difficult to get residency in internal medicine, her first choice at the time. This is because, as she explained it to me, that she hadn’t done her medical training here in the U.S. among other things. Back then she was informed that she would have a better chance of gaining entry into a psychiatry residency. So, she went into psychiatry as her specialization. She said that there are some scary things that occur in the unit that she works in dealing with very ill, angry mentally ill patients. Every day one of her co-workers gets hurt. However, she finds that every day is different, unlike internist work where you follow a list of symptoms to get a diagnosis, which she feels would be boring.

The thing that is amazing about this woman is the loving care that she puts into her work. She says that her clients are depressed having psychotic episodes, having such a hard time when she first starts with them. Over time, her patients will start smiling, lowering their medications and doing better then even she thought. She finds this work amazingly gratifying. I think of her as an angel brought over here from India to help our most seriously mentally ill. Having worked in the field of mental health years ago with very severely ill clients. I understand the hard work this can be. My clients did not act out in the angry way that this psychiatrist’s patients do, and yet there were those times when it did get a bit hairy.

Now, I have the best clients ever, all of them so motivated to get well. I learned everything that was of any real help to my hypnosis clients from my mental health clients all those years ago, for which I am eternally grateful. I am even more grateful to this psychiatrist for the wonderful service she is performing living what is her calling here in her adopted home land.

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