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 This page is dedicated to informing the public of upcoming events that Suzanne Kellner-Zinck will be a part of or that she believes will be of benefit to her readers and clientèle.


Disappearing Diabetes in Youth Without Medication
Pala Casino Spa Resort, Palo, California
4 Diamond Award Winner
Saturday May 13 & Sunday 14, 2016
VIP Day Monday May 15, 2016

-There has been a 30% increase in Type 2 Diabetes in youth aged 10 to 19 years since 2001.
-The average diabetic spends $14,000 year on medication.
– Diabetes is much more aggressive in youth then adults.

HOWEVER,Type 2 Diabetes is REVERSIBLE, especially in youth. Their bodies are very resilient – however, your youth needs:

To leave those unhealthy sugar laden and highly manufactured foods left out of the home
Having an emotionally supportive home to live
Most of all a respect for the environment that is their body to respect what it needs

In this program parents will necessarily be attending with their children to have them all on the same page, with the same knowledge base to allow for the reversal of the type 2 diabetes.

During The Program You Will Learn:

What Type 2 Diabetes is physiologically and why it needs to be treated without medication especially in youth
You will learn how to get the hormones in balance to allow for the reversal of type 2 diabetes
The appropriate foods to be consumed to reverse the type 2 diabetes, and delicious food it is!

During the Program You Will:

Let go of any emotional blockages
Let go of any limiting beliefs
Be able to have your mind programmed for success implementing the habits quite easily
Learn how to work as a family unit for the health and wellbeing of your entire family

During the Program You Will Receive:

Laminated and spiral bound recipe cards with delicious recipes
Books so you better understand the illness and help you to take control of it, and reverse it
Manual for the program
Other special goodies from our special guests

Other Goodies Included:

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch on all 3 days of the event (if you choose to go to VIP Day)
No Parking Fees
Complimentary Bottled Water
Complimentary Fitness Center

We will be having special quests help with the teaching to allow you and your youth to better understand what is required to reverse the type 2 diabetes.

There will be an medical doctor, a mental health professional and an expert on nutrition there to help you understand what is really going on with with disease process and how to reverse it

We are also going to have a Native American elder speak to the group about their traditions and why it is that the environment is so respected by them.

The cost for the 2 day program will be $1,170 till January 1, 2017 per person. You will need to purchase 3 tickets to the program if you have a 2 parent family and 1 diabetic youth. Save $300 per ticket and $900 per couple and youth!

– After January 1, 2017 the investment is going up to $1,270 per person. Save $200 per ticket
– After February 1, 2017 the investment is going up to $1,370 per person. Save $100 per ticket
– After March 1 to April 1, 2017 the investment is $1,470. Final Investment

VIP Day is an extra charge of: $99/person:

You will meet some extra special guests for that day
You will have a much smaller group to be able to get more individualized attention from me.
Breakfast & Lunch are included

Both the cost of the program will need to be paid for as well as the registration for the hotel rooms will need to be completed by April 1, 2017. This is the policy of the Indian Reservation Police for any programs being run on their premises.

The Pala Casino & Spa is a 4 Star Property, with a pool a whirlpool and a beautiful spa.

Note: No children under the age of 21 are allowed in the casino area under any circumstances.




Download the Mindbody Application onto your smart phone or tablet: https://www.mindbodyonline.com/get-the-app
2. Look up “Wellness”
3. Look Up Dawning Visions Hypnosis, Inc.
4. Sign up for Disappearing Diabetes in Youth Program with your credit card.


General Infromation: Go to: www.palacasino.com
For Room Reservations call: 877-PALA-ROOM or 877-725-2766

There is a block of rooms with lower rates for this event so tell them that you are with the “Disappearing Diabetes in Youth” program for that rate. First come, first served.

P.S. This program is going to be limited to 150 participants total – that is parents and youth combined. This is to ensure that everyone receives the amount of time necessary for their success.

P.P.S. We will be gifting the program to 5 Native American families with a diabetic youth on the reservation as a give back to their community.

P.P.S.S. If you have any questions: Please call Suzanne at: 781-315-1719

This is going to be an amazing program that will give you what your family needs to help your youth to regain his/her health without requiring a bunch of medication.