Sep 29 2016

Turning Tragedy, Trauma and Tension into Adventure, Ease and Calm

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Vol. 381, September 29, 2016 – Turning Tragedy, Trauma and Tension into Adventure, Ease and Calm

For many years I have had many challenges to overcome myself. I am not going to bore you with all the details, however I will tell you some of the things that I have learned along the way, so that if you are feeling challenged in some way today, you can see how it can serve to bring you to a much better place, even a place of authority in your chosen field.

I was speaking to my webman one day last year when he told me exactly why it is that he feels that I am as good as I am at helping others to clear their traumas as I am, because you know, he could NEVER do what I did, ever! Really,! That is what he said, and yet, knowing him the way I know him, over the past decade plus, I know that  he has helped many people to deal with some of the hardest of tragedies for decades at a time. So, maybe he was just reflecting his learning onto me without realizing it. And, yes I did indeed bring this understanding to his mind as we spoke that day.

He told me that it was because I have had to deal with so many issues all through my life – from not speaking at all till a speech therapist was employed to teach me at the age of 5, to the 14 years I suffered with both bipolar 2 (non-psychotic type luckily for me) and bronchial asthma (that the doctor had no idea in how to treat, none of the medications he prescribed worked any longer, to the meningioma tumor (thankfully benign) on the covering of my brain which required 6 weeks of treatment at a cancer center. And, that doesn’t include all the drama and trauma that has played out in my family of origin throughout my life – issues that having a deeper understanding of mental health then my four sisters, I was called on to help deal with, repeatedly during my adulthood.

So what were the blessings from all of these challenges?

  1. When one has to deal with their own lack of judgment as occurs when one is healing from a serious mental illness, judgment of others seemingly bizarre behavior is better understood for what it is – a defense mechanism that was created to keep that person safe from some deeper emotional issue that needed to be dealt with in the way a person without the ability to reason, rationalize or judge another could. People with mental illness are stuck at an emotional age consistent with the chronological age they were traumatized to such a degree that they had to develop their illness as a coping mechanism to survive. Yes, it is true that some of these illnesses can be handed down from one generation to another as occurred with the bipolar I experienced. However, there needs to be a traumatizing event to set the latent illness into action.
  2. If one is feeling physically awful more often then not, compassion for others who feel ill would be a natural outcome of dealing with one’s own misery. I was speaking with a gentleman yesterday. He is now retired and volunteering at a local hospital. Why? Because he was born with a congenital heart ailment spending many nights in the hospital all through his youth. He is healthy now with a pace maker keeping his heart beats regularly timed. He told me that when he was younger he vowed that when he was healthy enough, he would give back to the community at the hospital, as the volunteers did to help him feel better during his youth.
  3. There are inherent learnings to be gained for each and every situation that one overcomes. Those learnings can be shared with others who are going through a similar thing currently. I never held back about what I was going through with most of the challenges that I was going through them. As a result many people around me knew of my difficulties at the time. Those who stayed around saw my overcoming many of them. When they had similar circumstances later on, who do you think they looked to for advise and emotional support to help get them through it? It feels great to be able to truly help someone going through the difficulties that life throws at us. At this point, because I work with people in highly charged emotional situations, I would prefer to have friends and family who have their own lives together – it’s the best way to balance my work with my personal life. However, there are those times when a close friend needs a loving and knowledgable resource, and I am called on to be there. And, that is my definition of a “true friend” anyway. Anyone can be there for you when everything is going along fine. It is the few who will be there and fewer who know how to help you when you are in a difficult situation.
  4. Being able to detect the manipulators and cheats from someone who is truly being “real.” This is an excellent skill to have given that so many people are out there to get whatever they can from others. Some people just love to hear themselves whining to get the sympathy of others (not understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy). Some people just want to swindle others.The tide is turning as seen in the business of doing business where people are much more open to collaboration now then being in competition as was the norm several years ago. But it’s still out there and one needs to be aware – never paranoid, just cautiously optimistic when entering any sort of new relationships.
  5. Using your most hard won knowledge to help others in a professional manner. I always felt called to the work that I do – meaning that whether or not a viable income was to be found, I could never “not” do this work. There is something much bigger then me working through me to allow my clients to get the great results they receive regardless of the complexity of their cases and regardless of what the conventional world of medicine and mental health have to say about it. Our minds are the most powerful instrument that we have, and it is our job to learn how to harness it’s power in the manner in which the ancients understood. Technology has it place, and it will NEVER take over from the powers of true thoughtfulness, inventiveness, and the innovation of the human mind.

So, there you go, 5 ways to turn you tragedies, traumas and tensions into adventure, ease and calm, if, and only if, you are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to overcome your challenges, finding the wonderful wisdom from having done so, and then sharing it with whomever can benefit. 

Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul

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Learnings From My Journey: Suzannisms For the Mind and Soul
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