Jun 28 2013

Trouble Losing Weight: 9 Triggers to Fat Gain and How To Stop Them

Trouble Losing Weight: 9 Triggers to Fat Gain and How To Stop Them – Vol. 206, June 27, 2013

Jon Gabriel of the Gabriel Code is the one person who magnificently put together a simple list of all of the complexities of weight loss that I have echoed over the past 11 years I have been involved in the world of hypnotism. Jon Gabriel has put together a simple to understand list of 9 fat triggers and what we can do to overcome them. He took off 220 pounds and kept it off for 2 ½ years with life style changes. It isn’t all in your head and it isn’t all in your genetics. It has everything to do with your biochemistry and the body-mind connection.

1. Chronic Dieting
Decreasing the amount of food you take in puts you into “starvation mode” which creates many cravings for junk food. Melbourne University research shows that cutting down calories produces 20% more of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin forcing you to overeat after the diet ends. This is what makes people put on more weight then than what they had before they started the diet.

2. Lifestyle Stress
Stress causes fat regardless if it is from your job or personal life bombarding you with emotional, physical or mental or subconscious stress, your body reacts to it in the same way releasing a chemical called cortisol into your body causing you to gain weight. This activates the “fat trigger” to keep us alive. Todays constant stressors don’t allow our body to normalize because it can’t tell the difference between a life-or-death situation any longer.

3. Emotional Trauma
If you are not careful your thoughts can turn to fat. Self-defeating emotions, like powerlessness, insecurity, and not being able to say “no” to people result in stress which causes the release of cortisol, which as mentioned above triggers fat to be formed.

4. Inadequate Nutrition
Inadequate nutrition causes insulin resistance impairing your digestion pushing your body into nutritional famine. When your body is lacking the appropriate nutrition to carry on its normal functioning, your body will continue to tell you to feed it till you give it the appropriate nutrition to satisfy its needs. Insulin resistance causes extreme highs and lows in your blood sugar levels giving you strong sugar cravings and hunger pangs more often than if your sugar levels were stable.
The three main nutrients missing are:
Omega-3 fatty acids
Live foods

5. Poor Digestion
If the food you put into your body isn’t digested correctly giving you incomplete nutrition you will be under-nourished, dehydrated and lacking in friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes. This is due to the over processed and highly cooked foods we consume. The lack of nutrition puts you into fat storage mode.
This can be serious causing not only obesity but diabetes, and heart disease.

6. Toxicity
Your body is exposed to toxins every day making you fat. If you live in a city you are exposed to many more toxins in your environment. Toxins come from medication, alcohol, tobacco products, and pesticides found in non-organic produce and manufactured grain products. When you body can’t eliminate these toxins your body stores them in your fat cells. The layer of fat then becomes a buffer between the toxins and your body. This is why weight loss in some people creates illness.

7.  Limiting Beliefs
One of the most common limiting beliefs is thinking that because you have an overweight family member that it runs in your family’s genetics. When you think this way you are eliminating personal responsibility while rejecting the possibility of becoming a thinner person.

Some people believe that they are unworthy of being thin because diets and exercise never worked for them.

Your beliefs are your reality so if you don’t believe you can lose the weight on the conscious and unconscious levels you will not.

8. Harmful Medications
Studies have shown that there are over 50 common medications that make people gain weight including: antidepressants, insulin, cortisol, steroids, hormone replacement, and birth control pills. Sometimes ;you can gain up to 10 pounds a month according to the research that Mr. Gabriel has done.

If you make positive changes in your life style like meditating, doing self-hypnosis, adapting mind-body practices, getting a bit more activity in every day, eating nutritious life giving foods, and by all means reducing the stressors in your life no matter where they come from, you can most likely dump the drugs while becoming healthier in the process.

9. Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea disturbs your sleep as you stop breathing sometimes hundreds of times during the night. Your body is left starving for oxygen. Exhaustion is the end result which not only puts you in a bad mood, but triggers fat production in your body.
Lack of sleep also lowers the production of leptin a chemical which keeps you from feeling satiated after you eat while increasing the amount of ghrelin – your appetite-stimulating hormone forcing you to over eat.

Now you can better understand why the methods that the diet doctors preach don’t work. It isn’t about eating in a certain manner or undergoing some invasive surgical procedure such as liposuction, gastric bypass surgery or getting a lap band and all will be great in your life.These methods don’t work in the long term because weight loss is a much more complex matter than merely what and how much one eats and if or how one exercises. I give you this information because there are many hypnotists out there as well who would like you to think that changing your habits or just releasing your old stories will do the job as well. This is a step in the right direction, but far from a complete understanding of what it really takes to rectify this huge problem.


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