Apr 24 2014

Transformation of Self Through Work

Transcendental AwesumitudeTransformation of Self Through Work – Vol. 254, April 24, 2014 


For many people work represents boredom, hatred, ill will. This is a sad truth for over 75% of Americans who can’t stand their jobs. Many entered their jobs because someone close to them told them that the way to make money was to study some subject that had no connection to who they are, what they cared about or even in some cases what they did well.

Over the years many people have told me that I was crazy to quit so many jobs. Any job I didn’t quit, I was fired from. My ex-husband was seen as an understanding man doing the jobs that he employed in for decades at a time, choosing to stick with something he knew versus something he didn’t. People respected him for that, where he respected me for taking the risks to try as many things as I could to find my deeper calling, never ever giving up.

For me, being stuck in positions where I was treated like a nobody or worse with disdain because I failed to conform to the expectations of the workplace could never work. I have tried multiple careers over the years and many more jobs until I decided to finally listen to myself. I had to get to a point where I was so frustrated with the work world that I needed to create something that would work for me. I realized that my own autonomy was the most important aspect of any job, never having had any in my previous jobs. I also realized that I needed to learn and be challenged with creative problem solving, though it took decades to realize how this was to be applied.

I have found through this very long journey into the career that I finally found that it is hard to stick to it. It is hard to be self-employed and never know what the income will be, and it is hard to know I sometimes have problems making the bills. But, there is something else that I know even better and that is that to take a job for the sake of a paycheck isn’t something that I could ever go back to. It is something that my loving family and friends continue to tell me to do for survival and yet, going through those job boards looking at job possibilities from my past wakes up all the resistance inside me telling me that as one of my more understanding friends said, “To take a job will suck the soul out of you.” This friend understands the importance to me of the work that I do helping all sorts of people let go of their traumas, their feeling of being dead inside, walking robots for taking jobs that many times had nothing to do with their own inherent interests – just a pay check for that all elusive thing we call ‘security.”

Robert Greene did a wonderful TED talk on this idea of transforming one’s self and his big take away is to get in touch with that part of you that you knew when you were young that was drawn to certain subjects and interests. To learn what you can about these things allowing for incremental changes to occur inside you. These small changes that go unseen allow you to be ready when you meet that certain person or get that certain opportunity to at long last allow you to transform your life to doing what you deem purposeful, interesting and fun. In this way you can through your work connect to who you are instead of running away. In this way you can be a contributor to society in creative and interesting ways.

I am at another crossroads in my own career development. I believe I have learned what I have needed to learn from the trainers of hypnotic craft. I have been to so many business coaching seminars in so many marketing systems, it seems that perhaps a revisit of the idea of furthering my formal education may be the way to go. I am not certain that this is the means to the end, though I can tell you that the thought of it is as tantalizing as it is scary. I realize the need to get credentials for what I do, yet as with everything the sort of credentials I am looking to gain are not the ones one would normally associate with the form of work that I do. Where will the journey next take me? I am uncertain, but what I do know is that there is an internal desire to connect with some areas of interests that are connected with the work I do in a manner that I have yet to investigate that to me is both alluring and transformative.

So how can you transform your own life by being true to who you are and what you most care about? What are you willing to do to allow yourself to be fulfilled and happy in your work? To be the contribution that you can be engaging in your life from the point of view that you are someone who is special and has something to offer the world that no one else does? That is only if you allow yourself the opportunity to do so.

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