Jul 25 2013

Tiger Wood’s Secret to Success on The Golf Course: Hypnosis

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Tiger Wood’s Secret to Success on The Golf Course: Hypnosis – Vol. 209, July 25, 2013

Tiger’s father witnessed the power of hypnosis as he served over in Viet Nam. He watched the military psychologist hypnotize the men to forget what they saw on the battle field. This way they would be more willing to be sent out there to fight again. Understanding the power of the mind, his father wondered how hypnotism would work to improve Tiger’s golf game. When Tiger was 13 years old, his father decided to have a friend and military psychologist, Dr. Jay Brunza, hypnotize Tiger to help him to “be in the zone” allowing him to have his full concentration on what he is doing on the golf course. He was never distracted for his full attention was on his swing and hitting the ball perfectly.

Tiger used the power of self-hypnosis to visualize every swing and stroke in his mind before executing it. By quieting his mind, letting go of any anxiety and being hyper focused on what he was doing, he was able to become what many believe to be as the best golf player in the world.

Many of the elite athletes of all sorts of sport use visualizations of their performance to do well. With that in mind I would like you to think about how you as a regular person, athlete or not could benefit from using hypnosis to help you in your own life.

Do you have any anxiety?
Are you distracted easily from what is important to you?
How about being able to easily relax yourself any time?
Or maybe you would be interested in focusing in more on attaining your own goals.

Hypnosis is great for all of these areas and many more. The most successful people you know of use hypnosis to get ahead in life helping them to focus their time and energy on those things that deeply matter to them, while letting go of that which is distracting them.

Think about how your life could improve once you have a better idea of how to better use the capabilities of hypnosis. Because this is the secret behind all the really successful people out there regardless of their area of expertise. Learning how to control their own minds to reach the goals that are important to them.


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