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Thriving Under Pressure: How Your Emotions May Be Limiting You

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Vol. 64 May 2008 – Thriving Under Pressure: How Your Emotions May Be Limiting You

It is a fact of life today that people are feeling over whelmed by all the pressures they feel as the cost of everything is going up, up, up and the income they receive in real dollars is going down, down, down. With the increase in the cost of goods due to the devaluation of the dollar in the world markets everything from the cost of fuel for operating vehicles to the cost of anything that is transported from elsewhere, the squeeze is being felt more tightly.

When we feel squeezed by the influences from out side our selves we can become very upset and frustrated. These negative emotions can start to permeate every area of our life, for it all seems to be such a struggle. It can affect our physical and emotional health which can lead to problems in our work environment as well as in our personal relationships out side of work.
The question that I have for you is: What are you going to do to counter these negative influences? What are you willing to do in order to get back on track and most importantly to keep your health, for without your health life is quite a challenge?
I would like you to think about the ways the outside world influences your inside world, mainly the way you think. It is a fact of life that most people are going through life unconsciously. They go to work because that is what they feel they have to do to have a roof over their head and food on the table, whether or not they get any fulfillment from the work that they do, or are positively impacted by those with whom they spend the greater portion of their working hours. Then they go home to deal with the demands of a family and/or friends and leave what ever time is left to escape from the lonely, unfulfilled life that they consider living. In some cases they self medicate with the use of alcohol or drugs, the endless chatter of the mindless TV or sensationalized so-called news or waste tons of time in front of the computer looking at websites that tantalize and some time leading to other destructive behaviors. I consider this a living death, for the soul is not nurtured and the concept of living “on purpose with passion” is totally vacant.

The question than becomes one of what needs to be done to turn the living dead into the life of passion, fulfillment, purpose and love of self and others? I have found in my practice that many times the cause of the vacant or depressed manner of living is due to negative emotions that were installed in childhood, generally from the age of two through eight. The reason for this is because when we are that young we are in what is known in psychological terms the “imprint stage”. This simply means that the person is “unconscious” allowing all the input that is given to be literally understood and stored in the unconscious mind. This is where a child will be able to either be happy and successful, if the messaging from the adults around him/her were based on unconditional love and the idea of being able to aspire to be anything that the child can dream up, or if they were given messages that they were never good enough, not what one parent or the other really wanted in that particular child that they brought into the world. Or perhaps the all too common reality of many more kids, no matter the wealth of the family, may have had parents that were not nurtured in a positive manner resulting in the inability to foster the healthy growth and emotional development for a happy contributing member of society as a product of their upbringing.

The way that one is most easily able to let go of the negative emotions of the unconscious mind is through working with a professional that is expert in handling the reframing of the unconscious mind, for it is in the unconscious mind that all these reprogramming needs to happen. The professionals who are the most expert in this regard would be the hypnotists and neuro-linguistic practitioners. These are the individuals that are trained in assisting you to let go of what is holding you back with your unconscious programming that is creating the strategies that are responsible for the thought and behaviors that are not working for you, in return for strategies that will empower you to create the life that you would live if given the opportunity by creating the strategies that will enable the changes required to get the results for a life that is well lived.
The most amazing part of this is that hypnotism is a most natural manner in which to accomplish your goal since every one is in and out of it all day long. They just have no idea of what it actually means to be in a hypnotic state. All it hypnosis is, is a relaxed state of being, in fact the same state you are in every time you are doing some activity where you are “in the zone” or in a meditative state, or a day dreaming state. The hypnotist utilizes that state to break through the “concrete faculty of your conscious mind to work in the unconscious part of your mind, where the change work occurs. It is the quickest manner in which to do the work, because you are working in the part of the mind that needs to be reprogrammed using the natural way the unconscious works, which is with images. Even better is the fact that when you are in the hypnotic state you are disassociated from your emotional feelings which allows you to more easily clear the issue at hand and get you on track really easily and more quickly than almost any other method that there is out there.
I would suggest that you go to the various hypnosis associations to find a qualified hypnotist to work with. You want some body that has experience in dealing with the sort of issues you are looking to resolve since there are so many specializations out there. I would suggest that you interview a few of them and find out what they charge and how they work. If they are charging very little compared to the others in your area, it may be advisable to move onto some one who is more sure of the work that they are able to do. As in anything, one usually receives the value for which they invest. I would also find out how much training they have had. If they have a website find out if they have a CV – listing of all the trainings that they have done and notice at what level they are practicing. The levels are commonly as follows: Certified Hypnotist and Practitioner of NLP Practitioner, next is Master Hypnotist and Master Practitioner of NLP, then comes Certified Instructor or Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP and then comes Master Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP (the designation given to those who train the trainers). The National Guild of Hypnotists gives an exam where they certify people as Board Certified in Hypnosis only. If the person that you are going to work with has this designation you can be assured that they have more than a basic knowledge of the subject area. However, I do not hold that certification because I have not deemed it necessary to do so given that I have done my trainings out side of the NGH where I believe I have received a superior education to that which the NGH is currently offering due to their strong bias for hypnosis while leaving doing little in the area of NLP in my humble opinion. They also do next to nothing in the area of working in the super conscious mind which is a whole different level on which to do this work.
Once you have an idea of the criteria that you would like for the professional education for the provider you choose to work with you will need to interview the hypnotist to notice if this is a person with whom you would like to work. Find out if their philosophy matches yours in the care that you are desiring to receive and then be sure that you like one another, that the two of you “click” for if there is no “rapport” there is going to be very little gain from the work that you do most especially with a hypnotist with whom you are allowing to work in your unconscious mind.
To start your search I would either Google “hypnotist” and the area in which you live and read their websites to learn about how they feel about their work and if their approach is something that would be amenable to you or Google “hypnosis associations” and call their number and get a referral directly from them. They all have list of their members along with the level of practice they are on and in many cases the specializations as well.
Good luck in your search, and congratulate your self on utilizing the power of your own mind to assist you in transforming your life using a modality that goes back to the ancient civilization when they recognized that the body, mind and spirit all work in collaboration and respect the fact as they work with the whole “you” to create the healing that you have requested based on your goals.

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