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Think First Before You Swallow That SSRI Antidepressant Pill – Vol. 136, Jan. 26, 2012

This past couple of weeks has given me an illuminating insight into some of the notions that Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. speaks to in his book The Biology of Belief  when he says, “we are made in the image of God and we need to put Spirit back into the equation when we want to improve our physical and our emotional health.” He continues on page 28 to explain that we are not powerless biochemical machines, needing to pop a pill every time we don’t feel we are mentally or physically well. Every time we take a pill we are not only throwing off the natural manner in which our body works, we are complicating the problem with side-effects without ever healing the cause of the problem itself, by merely placing harmful substances into our bodies.

One of my clients missed the holiday celebrations of Christmas week and New Years as a result of suffering from what is termed Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome. This occurred because there was nothing noted in any of the medication inserts, pharmacy literature or information given by her doctor that this could ever happen. She had taken the same medication in the past at a much larger dose without any issue even when she had taken herself off the medication in the distant past. So this is a warning to all of you who may be on some sort of SSRI – (serotonin uptake inhibitor) please have your doctor help you to titrate off of it safely because what was once true for you may not still be true as our bodies change over time. My client, Donna N.  will be writing the follow-up weblog to this entry explaining exactly what she went through because the story is one that has many learnings for anyone who is associated with this classification of medications and the effects that they may have on the patients who take them.

Dr. Lipton is a pioneer in the area of science called epigenetics which studies how our environment influences the behavior of cells without changing the genetic code. He states that the membrane of the cell is the real brain of the cellular operation. This is because it is the cellular wall that determines if the cell lives by perceiving what is in the environment. In her book Molecules of Emotion Candice Pert, Ph.D., a biochemist explains her discovery that the feelings we feel control the bodily functions. She found that the same information-processing receptors were present on most if not all the body’s cells. Her research proves that the mind is not merely in the head, rather is distributed via signal molecules through the whole body.

Pert’s  work further points out that the proper use of consciousness can bring healing to the mind and body where the inappropriate unconscious control of emotions can easily make a body diseased. It was she who determined that it is only through our healing of these feelings by a better understanding of them through the mechanisms that Dr. Lipton has alliterated in his book that we are able to truly heal ourselves once and for all.

Lipton explains that the term quantum physics is used to express how genes are physical memories of an organism’s learned experience. He uses the example of the many people who believe they are ticking time bombs waiting for cancer to infiltrate their bodies because a family member may have succumbed to the disease. Many others believe that failing health is due to the inadequacies in their body’s biochemical mechanisms. The truth of the matter is that only 2% of all illnesses are caused by genetic reasons like Huntington’s chorea and cystic fibrosis which can be blamed on one faulty gene. The truth is that many of the diseases that people find themselves dealing with including diabetes, heart disease and cancer all are a result of complex interactions including multiple genes and environmental factors.

The idea that genes control biology is a supposition, which Dr. Lipton states has been disproven by the latest scientific research. It is a signal from the environment, not the gene itself that activates the expression of that gene.

As parents dictate to their children both through word and deed what the beliefs are that are to be held, it can work either to the detriment or benefit to that child. Why is this so? Because it is when your conscious mind has a belief that is in conflict with a formerly learned “truth” that is stored in the UNconscious mind, that the intellectual conflict expresses itself as a weakening of the body and/or mind.

Since we now understand the inner wisdom of how our bodies truly work the idea of pushing pills to do this work is unconscionable given the long term effects of these so-called medications especially when we now know from recent research that there is only a 30% success rate when they are in use. This is no different than a placebo response. Why would we ingest these chemicals when we have all that is needed to heal us right inside that part of our mind that runs us – the UNconscious mind.

What this means is that your environment will dictate how your body and mind work. By releasing yourself of all negativity and unnecessary stressors while surrounding yourself with ideas and people that bring you a sense of love, happiness and fulfillment you can do much to make the issue of disease something of the past.

Dr. Lipton explains that as we live our lives, the experiences of our lives and of our world are sent back to that part of us that is our Spirit, the character of your “self.” This interaction corresponds with what we know is karma. These cellular insights prove the wisdom of the spiritual teachers throughout the ages. Each of us is spirit in the material form.

With this understanding I would ask you to think about what is going on in your life. If you are finding yourself stressed or worse, to the point of dealing with some sort of illness, I would ask you to think deeply and completely about what the under current issues are that are dictating your feelings. If it is the anger, sadness, fear, guilt or hurts that you are carrying around that are creating these symptoms than you have the means to get the symptoms under control. These two scientific researchers have proven over the past 40 years that once you get a handle on your whole mind, you will have gained control over the way your body and emotions show up in your life.

If for some reason you are feeling overwhelmed by these negative emotions do yourself a favor and work with the wisdom of your body by allowing it to tell you what is really creating the symptoms that you are feeling. It may be that all you need is a reframing of the perceptions that you currently are carrying around in your cellular memory. The quickest way I know to reframe these perceptions is with the use of hypnosis.

There are no side-effects and the results of my clients success speak for what is available to you on the other side of treatment. As always do make sure that the hypnotist that you choose to work with is someone who has proven success in the specialty area that you need help. Check out their websites and testimonials to get a better understanding of the hypnotist’s capabilities in helping you fully heal.




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