Apr 03 2014

The Myth Behind E-Cigarettes – They Don’t Help You Quit! Try This Instead

E-Cig Mod: iTaste 134The Myth Behind E-Cigarettes – They Don’t Help You Quit! Try This Instead -Vol. 252, April 3, 2014


Many smokers have realized that nicotine patches don’t help them quit their smoking habit. Some smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes where a vapor is formed from a liquid solution, some still containing nicotine. Though doctors feel they are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, unfortunately a study done in 2011 of 40,000 youth has shown a doubling of students using e-cigarettes in one year, up to 6.1%. Teens who picked up e-cigarettes were found to be more likely to start smoking real cigarettes.


According to a study by the University of California – San Francisco, people using e-cigarettes were not found to even lessen the amount of real cigarettes they smoked.

Another concern is that e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, so no one really knows what is in the liquid that is used in them.


As a hypnotist working in the field for over 11 years now, I have had exactly two clients who were what I would consider physically addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes, meaning that they got very irritable and antsy without the use of their cigarettes. For all the other smoking cessation clients I have had, a simple understanding that this habit is not an addiction like one experiences from alcohol or drug abuse where one is unable to continue with life until the withdrawals are completed, has helped them to understand that they can let go of their smoking habit. These clients understand that it is a trigger-response behavior that can be altered when another behavior is used in place of the cigarettes, allowing them to more easily stop the unwanted habit.


Another aspect of cigarette smoking that needs to be understood is that people think of their cigarettes as their “best friend” – it is what is used to help “calm” them even though the nicotine in them is a stimulant. It is really the deep breaths that one takes while smoking that helps the smoker to relax.


For a person to be successful at stopping smoking it is most important for that person to have come to the decision to stop based on their “wanting” to stop smoking versus “needing” to stop smoking or worse forced into it by someone close to them.


Here is a simple method you can use to help you stop smoking:


  1. you need to do is figure out all the triggers you have to your smoking.
  2. Then you need to think of something that you can do in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette to do in place of smoking. For some people different behaviors work for different triggers such as not drinking alcohol and instead having some sparkling water for example. I had one client who found drumming his hands on the driver’s wheel while listening to music a helpful alternative to smoking while driving. There are many different behaviors that can be used to substitute for smoking that have nothing what so ever to do with the now unwanted habit. You may find that this alone is enough to help you to stop smoking, and at a much more affordable cost then that of e-cigarettes.


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