Aug 12 2014

“The Long Journey Home” A Story of Incest, Drug Abuse & Healling – Vol. 135, Jan. 19, 2012

About a month ago I started to interact with other mental health professionals on linkedin. Being a person who works with sexual addicts I was drawn to a discussion that was called “Sex, Shame and Addiction: Who Turned on the Red Light?”

Interestingly enough, I missed the article that was originally posted from which the name came for the discussion. Instead I moved onto a newer post by a woman who created this most heart wrenching and heart warming of documentary videos 12 minutes in length. In it she details the story of sexual violation of her older daughter, the deeper ramifications in her life and that of the larger family. Culminating in the journey back home where the healing took place as the daughter first learns to take responsibility for her own actions getting out of the “victim” state and finds the freedom to be found through forgiveness.

You can watch the video here:

Please pass this video onto anyone else who you may feel can gain some hope and healing from it. The videographer, Janelle Vigil would like this video to be shared with anyone who can be given some hope and healing as a result of viewing it. We both thank you in advance.

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