The Kellner-Zinck Addiction Clearing Technique

The Safest Most Complete Technique to Clearing Your Addictions, Etc.:

If you are like most people who come to this site, you have spent years in therapy and perhaps have been in and out of a few rehabs, only to still have your problem. The reason for this is fairly simple: Instead of focusing on what is “right” with you, and how to work on becoming healthier and well grounded, many of the programs function from the position of what is wrong with you. They continue to tell you that you will never be able to fully overcome your addiction, your eating disorder, fill in the blank.

I have news for you: If you are a motivated person who is: sick of being stuck, sick of labels and sick of merely managing your illness, then you can become absolutely free of it. It will take work on your part, because though my methods are good, your implementation of the homework through the whole program is mandatory to regain your life.

This is the technique we take to getting you the life that you desire and deserve:

1.  Compelling Future: People are willing to do most anything to have a life that is fulfilling and happy. So the first step is helping you to identify for yourself exactly what that looks and feels like for you.

2.  The Real Problem: Most programs out there will deal only with the problem the client is complaining about. However, that is NOT the problem that requires the most effort. The real problem is the reason for the problems of which the client is complaining. For example: The client may be coming in complaining that they are not sleeping. However the real problem may be that she has too much stress in her life which keeps her mind constantly going. In this case once the stressors are taken care of, the sleep will return.

3.  Letting Go: There are many possible reasons for a person to have an issue, among them: not loving themselves, having all sorts of negative feelings, limiting beliefs and past and current traumas. These all need to be let go to really deal with the Real Problem. This is easily and quickly addressed using this technique.

4. Building You Up: Getting you in touch with all that is good about yourself includingall of your successes and positive attributes. This allows you to fall back in love withyourself regaining true self-respect and self-esteem.

5, Creating New Strategies: You are the best person to createnew strategies for success in reaching your compelling future goals. This includescreating appropriate boundaries with those whom you interact. Our work willhelp you to create those new strategies and implement them.

This is all done in a private manner, with appropriate accountability to ensure your success. Being vigilant about marking your progress during the time we work together, allows you to realize the mastery you have gained over your life along the way, to achieve those goals that are most important to your happiness.

The most important thing for you to realize about this process is that it is non-invasive, and directed by you. You have created your problems, so it is you who are the true master of de-creating them as well. With that in mind you will have a lot of input into how the your program is run, making it a truly individualized solution with your best interests at heart.



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