The Exclusive Kellner-Zinck Addictions Clearing Technique Training for Licensed Healthcare Professional (Only)

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Announcing: the Brand New Exclusive Kellner-Zinck Addictions Clearing Technique Training,Specially Designed for Licensed Health Care Professionals


If you are a heart based licensed health care professional, heart sick with how the current medical industrial complex is ruining your patients’ health as it takes away your ability to create the sort of living your believed you would have as a licensed health care provider, continue reading. If you are doing fine with the way the medical industrial complex is working you can STOP reading now.

However, I do believe that you already know that preventable medical error is the 3rd largest killer of Americans, killing 180,000 people a year, cancer comes in 2nd and heart disease 3rd according the the Center for Disease Control and Institute for Medicine.This pill popping society with 70% of all Americans taking at least one prescription and 20% taking 5 or more, is killing peoples’ souls, many walking around in a haze, unable to think clearly, unable to sleep without sleeping pills, driving around in a drug induced stupor. NSDUH estimates about 1.9 million people in the United States meet the criteria for abuse or dependence for prescription opioids. The number of unintentional overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999, now outnumbering those from heroin and cocaine combined. Injecting opioids increases the risk of HIV and other infectious diseases using unsterile and shared needles. Addictions to CNS Depressants used to treat anxiety and sleep problems can cause the depression in the respiratory system worsened when alcohol and/or other medications are added to the mix resulting in overdoses. Stimulants used to treat ADD/ADHD can cause pyschosis, seizures and cardiovascular complications. Doctors need to be consulted to get off these medications given the terrible side effects experienced if it is done to quickly including tremors and seizures which can be deadly.

According to the CDC, nearly 75% of all drug overdoses are caused by prescription opioid pain relievers. This amounts to a 300% increase since 1999. In 2008 these drugs accounted 14,800 overdoes deaths in 2008, more than cocaine and heroin combined. They were responsible for 475,000 emergency room visits in 2009 representing nearly a doubling in number in just five years. Over 12 million people reported using prescription painkillers without a prescription in 2010 to experience the “feeling” they cause.

2013 Training is Now Closed. Please signup below to be informed about the next training


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Why You Would Care

Now, if you are a person who entered the world of health care to be a “health advisor” to your patients allowing them to be healthy individuals full of vitality, living fulfilling lives, and are at a loss in how to have a practice that reflects these values and beliefs of yours, then you are in the right place.
Understand that 90% of all illness is caused by stress, yet doctors are not taught to help their patients address the fact that stress is one of the largest killers. Those areas that predispose one to stress would include financial worries, pessimistic world view, a selling your soul for a paycheck, being involved in destructive relationships, or living a life that is incongruent with your values and beliefs, which are unconscious. Stress is anything that triggers your amygdala in your brain to turn on the sympathetic nervous system setting off the release of cortisol with the flight or fight response. We humans do have natural self-repair mechanisms with the parasympathetic nervous system initiating the relaxation response. Because the cause of the stress is not being treated, the unfortunate result is premature death to the patients.

Who I Am And Why I Created This Training

My name is Suzanne Kellner-Zinck and I have spent the last 44 years of my life clearing myself of all sorts of so-called incurable diagnoses, not based on what I have to say, rather that of my ex- psychiatrist of 14 years who treated me for bi-polar 2 till I was released from her care in 2004 having successfully treated it with hypnotic technique, my rather gross and inconvenient symptoms of bronchial asthma leaving so long as I stay away from toxic people and get enough sleep, and my radiological neurologist who treated my meningioma back in 2009 noting two years later that it had shrunk in size when all that she could promise was that the growth would be stopped!

However, my journey into alternative health care, didn’t arise for myself exactly. Sure, I wanted to cut the leash my ex-psychiatrist held, needing to see me for the treatment of the bipolar 2. Yet, the reason that I found the healing that I did, was because I was so incensed by how the clients in the vendor programs for the mentally ill were treated by my then bosses – the directors of these programs, the people who held a master’s in counseling psychology. I was also horrified by the lack of respect given to my elderly clients during my time of providing home health care as I worked my way through nursing school during the late 1990’s. It was because of the distressing manner in which my nursing faculty treated the patients that we were assigned to care for, that I chose to leave the world of nursing all together. I never wanted to lose the loving heart that I brought to assisting others, as I was lucky enough to experience during all my health trials with a few exceptions.

I knew that there had to be a way to bring respect, dignity and true health care to those who most needed it, some of whom lacked the ability to advocate for themselves or fully express the needs and concerns that ran their worlds. It was after seeing some ads in two holistic magazines for hypnotism that I realized that this was the way to go. I could effectively overlay all the knowledge that I had gained from my formal education and hands on clinical work with the hypnotism. As good as this was, there was still something missing. It was only when I applied to myself what I needed my clients to apply to themselves, by clearing my past history of all the negative content, including dispelling all my limiting beliefs, especially those that were unconsciously, unconscious. It was only then that I was able to realize the true gift of being able to facilitate my clients’ ability to heal themselves. Because, the reality of the situation is that until one realizes that the patient created his/her illness, unconsciously, of course, we will necessarily need to realize that the client is also the only one who has the magic keys to releasing his/her own illness. It is through the understanding of the inner workings of the unconscious mind overlaid with basic psychological and learning theory that we are able to best help the patient to achieve true health and well-being, bringing happiness and life fulfillment into their lives.

How To Create An Environment for True Healing

Understanding these basic precepts, it is important to understand that to create the environment for patients to truly heal we must work with a frame of reference that is necessary for the healing to occur. I call this frame the Presuppositions of Prime Directives Toward True Healing. They consist of:

1) All individuals have value regardless of their past actions or omissions, and as such are entitled to be treated without judgment by any health care professional who agrees to work with them.

2) All human beings have an express purpose for which they are on this planet. It is through recognizing this magnificence inside each patient, that the health care provider is committed to bringing health, wellbeing, fulfillment and happiness to their patients.

3) Because all human beings are able to heal using their own inner wisdom, the use of pharmaceutical medications is left for the eradication of viruses, bacteria and in very limited use of non-addictive pain medications such as right after a surgery for a very limited time, clot busting medicine and inoculations for disabling and deadly disease.

4) Realizing that all beings of the earth are capable of functioning perfectly with the appropriate nutrition gained by the food and water of the earth, use of supplements are kept to no more than 3 or 4 in the case of a malnourished patient.

5) At no time will the health care professional force drugs or other life draining products onto their patients.

6) If the health care professional feels that the issues the patient has is outside of their scope of care, it is the duty of the practitioner to refer the patient out to a colleague whom shares the same values and beliefs regarding the delivery of health care.

7) At no time is a medical professional to force an outcome on a patient. Better to
release the patient from your care and/or refer to another holistic practitioner for
appropriate treatment.

What You Will Learn in This Training

This intensive training is going to cover everything that you as the medical professional needs to know to succeed in helping your patients to heal while affording you the sort of income to lead the lifestyle you bargained for when you entered the healing arts as a profession. This is what is included:

1) A three week intensive training broken down as follows:

1st week we will clear you of any and all your emotional blocks, negative emotions, limiting beliefs while helping you to create the compelling future as you have always envisioned it,

2nd Week you will learn all you need to know about working with addicts along with the various differences between those that I specialize in healing: Alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, anorexia and bulimia. The information is based on my over a decade of clinical experience helping my clients to let go of any thoughts or behaviors that one would expect of an addict.

Included you will also learn basic psychological theory of growth and development as well as basic educational theory of mental development through the life cycle better informing you of how best to meet your patient where they are at both mentally and emotionally, so you can help them to achieve the outcome they have come to you to experience.

During this week, three of my successful clients (each with a different form of
addictions will be coming in to speak directly to you about their experiences before, during and after the work to help you to better understand why it is imperative that you understand how to do this particular type of intervention for true healing to occur in these patients.

You will also hear from a neuro-science researcher in the field of chronic pain disorder who is also psychiatrist in practice explain her findings based on her MRI – NIH funded research since 1999.

3rd Week you will learn all the neuro-linguistic and hypnotic techniques necessary and how to use them in your practices. You will also learn some energetic healing techniques based on the chakras combined with the technique from Huna (ancient Hawaiian Spirituality) known as Ho’opono pono – which will help those patients of yours to forgive those they require to move on with their lives. On top of that you will learn how to do inner child work with the use of hypnotic technique. These techniques that would take you months to achieve in conscious therapy take minutes to achieve with the borrowing of your patients’ unconscious and super conscious minds – the part of their mind that actually runs them which is why it is so effective to know how to work
in that part of the patients mind. You will also learn how to clear chronic, acute and somatized pain.

2) You will be given a manual, 2 text books, 4 books and 2 reports that I have written all covering the specific subject matter you will be studying, including one book that easily teaches anyone boundaries in a story telling manner, with the use of metaphor which the unconscious mind loves! You will also be able to access any MP3 recordings for your own clearings that are in the Dawning Visions Store, free of charge.

3) You will be given access to an exclusive membership site where all the videos from your training will be posted for your review along with downloadable MP3s of the training and transcripts of the training you can access from the start of your training for as long as you desire to access them. They will stay right there and be added to as I conduct more trainings.

4) You will be expected to take part in 4 VIP weekends over the course of the year
which will take place in different parts of the U.S. Where you will share what you have learned with each other. I will be also be teaching you more advanced techniques during these fun and intriguing VIP weekends.

Extra Bonuses

5) Most importantly for your ongoing integration of the tools and techniques learned, you will have access to me to mentor you, able to ask any questions that may come up as you are seeing your patients for a whole year after you take your training.

6) You will learn how to grow your medical practice to bring high end patients that
are both willing and able to pay for your world class care.

7) Upon successful completion of your training you will be certified to become a licensed practitioner of the Exclusive Kellner-Zinck Addictions Clearing Technique for Licensed Health Professionals.


8)  Also upon completion of your training you will have the prerequisites required for the Kellner-Zinck Practice Management Training to further help you to increase the productivity of your office staff to further increase your income.

I created this program by taking the best of what was offered to me by my trainers and then adding the items that my own mentees have found most helpful over the years in their integration of these tools and techniques into a truly workable skill set.

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Your Return on Your Investment

You will find that before the year is even over, you have been able to successfully treat patients that you were told by your medical school professors were only to be “managed”, never healed. However, it is up to the client to clear themselves of their issues, whatever they may be, no matter how complex they may be, by listening to and following your guidance, especially since all their answers coming directly from their very own unconscious and super conscious minds, where it necessarily has to come from, for any treatment to be truly successful.

You will also have the choice of working as a concierge medical practitioner if you are own or are able to own your own practice – charging much higher rates to your high end patients without necessarily worrying so much about the insurance coverage that you patients may have, or the pushing of drugs and or supplements onto them to keep your recurring income coming in, because you will be well compensated for doing world class work!

Only 24 Seats Available!

Understand that the training is considered a semi-private training with only 24 placements to be filled. This is so that I can give all my trainees the amount of attention that will be required to guarantee success upon the completion of this intensive one year training. It is my mission, my movement, to empower the licensed health care providers of the world to give truly loving, caring and effective care to their patients, no longer over relying on overused prescriptions to be abused, supplements that are overly used or unnecessary surgeries. Understand that many surgeries are unsuccessful because the inflammation of the spine, muscles and ligaments are due to emotional stressors of held on anger and anxiety as John E. Sarno, M.D. pointed out in his book The Divided Mind: THe Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders. Because the body held these unexpressed emotions in the muscles and ligaments, he called the disorder tension myositis syndrome, (TMS). He has found that when the patient reframes the aches and pains based on this condition, the patient is able to be healed with the use of the patients minds.

Because of the intensity and personal nature of this training, the training is going to be limited to just 24 trainees. Each prospective trainee will need to fill out an application for the training. If the application fits my criteria for participating in the training, then you will be interviewed by me either over Skype or the phone, before being accepted into this exclusive training. I am looking for trainees who are: licensed to practice who are committed to the health and well-being of their patients, who are interested in holistic healing using the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of their patients to gain the best results for healing. Further, I am looking to train health professionals who are in this field to help their patients truly heal, with the income potential of learning these techniques secondary to the reason one would be involved in the healing arts.

My Criteria For Trainees of This Exclusive Training

Lastly, I am looking for licensed health care providers who are humble enough to realize that after being beaten down by a medical industrial complex that has stripped them of being able to truly be the health advisors they signed on to be, by taking the time and monetary resources to go to medical school, they realize the need to clear themselves of the anger, upset and limiting beliefs that would be carried under such duress, especially if you have been practicing for a number of years.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is ready to take the next step, understanding to have a world class training like this will take a significant investment which will be returned to you in earned income of at least 10X within a years time, if and only if you integrate all of the teachings that you will be taught to better understand how to clear addictions, mood disorders, anxiety of and pain of all sorts including chronic, acute and somatazied, while attracting the self-pay individuals required to allow your practice to be as financially rewarding as you always dreamed would be the case upon your decision to enter the healing arts.


***Applications will no longer be accepted after October 21, 2013 at NOON EST

**** Training will be held in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Metro area from November 2, 2013 to November 22, 2013. Details will be sent to accepted applicants.

2013 Training is Now Closed. Please signup below to be informed about the next training



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