Feb 02 2013

The Difference Between a Hypnotic Intervention and Mentorship?

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Vol. 186, Feb 2, 2013

Over the past few years I have had some clients who started out as clients coming in to clear some issues go through the healing process, what I call a hypnotic clearing move into a mentorship program with me. There is a vast difference between these two services each serving a different purpose.

Generally a client will call because of an issue which has taken away enough of the quality of the client’s life to warrant the time and investment to gain treatment for it. In this situation the client is coming in to “clear” the issue and in most cases though not all, learn better communication skills for the creation of healthier and deeper relationships.

This work will include dealing with negative emotions and limiting beliefs, traumas, inner child work and letting go of limiting beliefs. Of course to gain success in achieving all of this, the client will create a compelling future in which to direct the time and energy that once went toward the creation of the issue(s) that originally brought them in for treatment. All of this work is predicated on the letting go of any reason, rationalization or excuses to hold on to any thought, behavior or situation that would lead to the continuance of the problem, while gaining a direction in which the healing can be realized – that of the compelling future – something to reach toward.

Mentorship is by its very definition the learning from another how to do a skill or trade with the end result being able to emulate the trainer. In the case of mentorship all situations that come up are dealt with however the client needs to be at a level of healing where the basis of the work is worked around the subject of the mentorship. At this level of work, there may be some times when a challenge will occur that requires a bit of an intervention, however the main focus is learning a skill that can be used to create an income, this being the reason anyone would ask to be mentored.

My mentorship program came into being as old clients came back to me, realizing that by learning how to integrate hypnosis in their own business endeavors, it would bring them a huge benefit. This was based on the deeper levels of communicating  able to be done with their own clients, creating their own products and services, or just being able to integrate hypnotic technique into their own businesses. The mentorships have been as varied as the ideas that my clients have come up for requesting one.

It is important at this point for me to make this distinction after having a client choose to be mentored, yet was really not healed enough to allow the process to work. She had great intentions, though the whole idea of learning how to create an income created quite an issue for her, still not being healed enough to move forward. This was something I should have caught, however, I was so caught up in the ideas that she had knowing that given her innate knowledge she could help a lot of people if we were to go forward. However, one really can’t move onto a mentorship program without first having one’s life to the point where things are running smoothly with the inner knowing of being  truly healed. One builds upon the other.

For anyone who is interested in doing a mentorship because you have an idea that is compelling to you, do realize that the first step is to have been healed to the point that I feel you are ready to move on to a mentorship program. This will be assessed with an application form going forward. This is to make sure that the program is a good fit for you in the attainment of your desired goals, because your success is indeed my success.


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