Sep 30 2013

The Dangers of Drugs: Medication and Illicit – Life Is Precious -Vol. 119, September 22, 2011

By Donna N.

While I was forming this idea in my mind, as I often do when I get the compulsion to write these articles, I began to think of my Godchild, Zach, a 16 year old, and perhaps the dearest person to me, other than my dad who has pretty much lived his life at 79 years of age, not that he doesn’t have a lot more years left.

Seems like just yesterday I was in my teens never dreaming that one day I too would feel the same as my grandparents or even my parents that life is passing by. This hit me as I realized that I am 58. Fifty-eight years have passed by and it doesn’t seem possible. Where has the time gone? It seems it is time to share with Zach the idea that life is precious and seems to move faster as the years go by.

This came to light after experiencing a very scary past week for me. I had a bad reaction to a pain medication that was prescribed for me. For almost a week I felt as if I was in and out of consciousness, although never really blacking out I was at times definitely not all there.The spikes in my blood pressure and my racing pulse confirmed my not feeling conscious. As I lay in the hospital emergency room with all the wires and monitors feeling really scared all I wanted was to just feel what I took for granted again – my good health. It isn’t until one has lived some, and experienced life that one realizes how precious it can be. It isn’t till one loses what one has, that one can really appreciate it. A week after having that bad reaction I still don’t feel 100% right from that reaction that landed me in the emergency room not one, but twice.

I couldn’t help but think of the irony of my younger years when I would purposely seek those out of body feelings, or any feeling that was not real. And when I think of all the times I purposefully went for that “feeling” of not being there, because I didn’t really want to be “there”, it is rather ironic. I guess the reason this medication “bad reaction” was so scary is that I want to be there now.I want to see Zach graduate from High School. I want to see another sunset as corny as it sounds. I want to live my life. I also found out today that my step cousin who was only 17 years old passed away. At 2 years of age he choked on a piece of apple and in an instant his life and my step cousin’s life was changed forever. My step cousin seemed to have it all, Michele was married to an airline pilot and had a nice home, and their first son, Ryan. At age of 2 he was eating an apple she had cut up in small pieces for him and for an instant she turned away and in that instant he choked and nearly died. He survived however with severe brain damage.  Subsequently Michele’s marriage dissolved and her husband left her. Michele raised Ryan on her own. Sunday, at the age of 17 he passed away from complications of pneumonia. Once again I am reminded of how precious life is. How fast things can change. I just want my Godchild and any one else who can hear this to know and learn form my experience.

And I admit if I were 16 years old again and some 58 year old said that to me again, I wouldn’t really hear it.I can tell them but will it really mean anything. Will they get it? Will they really get it?

If you are feeling like you don’t want to live your life or if you feel the need to escape via drugs and alcohol, even for a day – try escaping in a healthier way! Hypnosis. Self- hypnosis can get you away, if that is what you need for as long as you want and it is free, once you learn and discover it!! No hanging out on the street corner, waiting for the dealer. Without putting all those holes in your brain, or toxins in your liver you can find a better way with self-hypnosis. Meditation is another way. We all at times get frustrated and fed up with our life in general, but I have learned this too shall pass. Life is too precious and even though it may not seem that way right now, one day it will and hopefully it will not be too late.

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