Nov 28 2013

The Challenging Journey

Travel philosophy! Huzzah to getting out of comfort zones! #lifeisshort #travel #wordstolivebyThe Challenging Journey – Vol. 227, November 28, 2013

So, here I am sitting at Logan Airport after missing my flight to a training that I am really looking forward to attending. This because a very sweet yet, fearful housemate of mine was unable to complete the drive to Boston’s Logan Airport. He missed the exit and then upon turning around to go back to the airport he had several panic attacks driving as he was driving through the city in “unknown territory.” I would have to say that the traffic was minimal without any real problems – in fact people were driving about 65 MPH, instead of the usual 75 – 80 MPH with much space between cars most of the ride on the highway. This gentleman just was not used to doing this sort of driving. This became even more apparent as we came came right into our town just a couple of blocks from the house we live in and he still had no idea where he was having never driven in that direction before.

I bring this up because as I told you before, this sweet man was only trying to do me a great favor. However, one needs to know when to say “no”. On the one hand, he thought it would be a great adventure, on the other hand, anytime anyone drives to an international airport pretty much anywhere in the world, it can be a trying experience, even for those of us who have done it multiple times. I was glad in the end that I was in the car to get him back to “known territory” because I doubt he would have been able to do it on his own, even though he was only about 27 miles and a 30 minute drive from where we live. Still, if one isn’t comfortable driving in “unknown territory”, it is better to decline the help or suggest an alternative – which would have been to take me to the nearest train station which is about 10 minutes away and in an area he drives through every day on his way to work. But, here’s the thing: I really wanted a ride to the airport, it being a long haul going from the commuter train through the subway, on to the Logan Express buses to the airport with all the luggage I had with me. However, I learned a couple of  real important for myself – so here they are:

  1. Sometimes that which feels like a larger bother, is the lesser of two evils.
  2. I found all the people I needed to help me to get to where I needed to go, super helpful in helping me get on and off the trains and bus – not something I am used to here in Boston.
  3. The customer service representative at United Airways was new to her job and received great assistance from her fellow employees in doing the rebooking, feeling good about learning the process. I was happy to have someone who likes her job and wants to learn it as she was helping me out. That was a beautiful site indeed.
  4. I got to the terminal to find that the world famous Legal Seafoods was right at my gate – so I had myself a very inexpensive yet delicious mug of their well regarded  New England Clam Chowder and am currently taking this time to get up to date with the weblogs. Every week there needs to be a new one and my webmaster is going on vacation for the holidays – so Suzanne must get these written so he can SEO and schedule them before he takes off for his well deserved time off.
  5. The customer service representative at the hotel couldn’t have been nicer when I called to let her know that I would be a lot later than originally planned. The woman that I am sharing the hotel room with was there before me so all is fine any way.
  6. The person I am sharing the hotel room with had a worse episode with her car being totaled in the snow by her ex-boyfriend who was doing his best to help her out. He’s fine for which she is grateful – another learning in the world of humility and gratitude.
  7. My very excellent friend who moved down to Atlanta for a Ph.D. Program and who I wanted to meet up upon my arrival at the hotel, offered to pick me up at the airport, and take me to my hotel. This in an effort  to make my life a bit easier on that end of the trip. Her kindness, brought a couple of tears to my eyes because it isn’t just anyone  who would understand the great help that is both in saving me some money on a cab ride. More importantly, I was able to be with a fantastic friend I haven’t seen since she left  my area in August for school.
  8. I am also well aware of the fact that these troubles are slight in the big picture. Sometimes in life one just has to take a deep breath in and realize that one will get there when they get there and all will be fine. Today was a travel day and that means whatever it means since one can never realize before hand what will happen on the road. So long as one is safe and in transit with plenty of time to reach the destination all will be fine. I am also quite certain that the event will be well worth the effort having taken part in one of this trainer’s programs previously.
  9. Think of a time when you had a challenge such as this and how you handled it. Did you get all upset with other people, sometimes even those who were doing their best to help you out, or were you calm and able to be gracious in accepting the help that you required?   Were you able to do as my roommate and realize that even though her car isn’t drivable after the accident, that she is grateful that her ex-boyfriend is okay and still looking forward to a fabulous experience at the training?   Were you able to be calm and respectful if someone with you was having a difficult time dealing with being outside their comfort zone as happened with the gentleman who was trying to do me a favor – he really does have a good heart – or did you get upset and pissed off with the person who was only doing their best to help you out? Be honest in your assessment on this one.
  10. I know in the past I would have been super upset, maybe in tears totally frustrated with an incident that was even less of an issue than what I had to contend with this morning. It is only because I have thrown myself into many situations that were out of my comfort zone, that I learned how to just “go with the flow,” realizing that so long as I had enough time to get to where I was going should something go awry, all would work out fine anyway.   Get out of your comfort zone. My neighbor who tried to drive me to the airport upon realizing that he had never been even 1 mile down the street from our house in the direction I brought him home told me that even though it was terrifying for him to drive on that particular highway to get to the airport, he was grateful for the opportunity to know that he did get outside his comfort zone. Further more, to know that if he is ever asked to do anyone a favor that requires driving on highways and byways he is unfamiliar the best answer for all concerned is “no” without any explanations needed.


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