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Suicidal alcoholic suffering from panic attacks finds relief using hypnosis

Sometimes in our lives, no matter how good things are or how good we are, we are challenged, challenged sometime by things we would never had expected to happen to us. I have been challenged by alcoholism.

However, things really did not begin this way. Actually I was seeking help for panic and anxiety attacks. My doctor suggested I see a professional to help me work out what was causing these problems. So, I found my first therapist, who I saw almost every week for two years, she proceeded to do nothing more than make things intensely worse.

I sought a second therapist (PHD); she also assisted in making my downward spiral worse.

By the time I was seeing my third therapist I had started drinking. My drinking, caused mostly by low self-esteem, feelings of rejection and anger, prominently caused by these professional people, so called therapists.

Finally, I sought my fourth and last therapist (PHD), after all my experience in therapy, now we are talking, five years I spent in her care, four years of no improvement at all, in fact, things became even worse. During those years with her, I endured three detoxes, and one hospitalization for a suicide attempt. I would not consider this improvement. Improvement finally came during my last year of therapy with her, however, it did not stem from her help.

I had read an advertisement in a local newsmagazine about Suzanne Kellner-Zinck and Dawning Visions. I kept this add on my desk at home for several weeks. I read it and re-read it many times; this was an advertisement promoting help for people with many kinds of addictions. I was more than extremely skeptical, after all my experience in therapy with these PHD professionals, (and at this time I am “still” in therapy), and still feeling extremely desperate for some sort of real help, someone who really cared, and someone who will not create these professional walls.

So, I called Suzanne. In two months with Suzanne’s help and her wonderful hypnotic abilities, I experience more improvement, much more than in ten years of therapy, with these “professionals”. Suzanne has a unique ability to understand you, more than you understand yourself.

Two years later Suzanne is always there for me, willing to help.

Just call, talk to Suzanne and hear for yourself, as I did, to someone truly devoted to helping YOU.

Jean C., Woburn, MA

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