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Recovered formerly depressed drug addict still drug free and happy a year after hypnotic intervention

It’s been over a year!

It is hard for me to believe, but it has been over one year since I have taken any anti-depressant medications. The same anti-depressant medications that I was led to believe I could not function without.  And that is where the belief part comes into play.  Just as it is so hard to believe that it has been over 365 days without the need for those pills, it is just as hard for me to believe that I was of the belief that I could not live without those pills. Had I not met Suzanne, I would never have understood that concept, the concept of the unconscious mind and just what hypnosis can do for you. I was one of the many people that was labelled with the diagnosis of depression, and as we know once one has that label it is very hard to get rid of it. Depression is for most of us an endless day to day battle, with no “cure”. Finding the right medication that “works” and finding the right therapist who can help. It is very time consuming and for me it was a revolving door into an endless loop that seemed to never end.

The anti-depressants never really helped get rid of the symptoms and the therapists only co-signed my problems.  Nothing ever seemed to get solved, only patched with band-aids and duct tape, for over 30 years – until I was so covered with these band-aids I could no longer see or feel on my own. I was pretty much numb to the world, unable to even feel my own emotions. When I found Suzanne I was at the end of a series of countless therapists and had taken and tried just about every anti-depressant med. on the market – I wanted and needed a different way-Suzanne was it.  I found her website and read the testimonials and felt some hope that maybe I too could be helped the way she helped so many others before me as I read the testimonials and newsletters.  There was so much information and it all gave me hope and I wanted to give it a try because the previous 30 years of my life had not really been a “life”, but merely an existence. I was tired of trying the same old ways of different pills and different therapists who really never helped me get rid of my problems, which were really the roots of my depression.

And, that is where the belief part comes in. Suzanne helped me to believe that I did not have to be depressed, I did not have to believe that I could not feel better, and I did not have to believe that I could not function with out pills for the rest of my life.

She helped me solve my problems, and not just put band aids on them. She helped me to make myself make the changes that I needed, so that I could begin to have a life.

She helped me to believe that I did not have to believe that I was depressed any longer and because of that I am now starting to have a life, which I could not have had if I had not ended the cycle of applying band aids to my feelings and problems.

If you want to keep applying band aids and duct tape and not rid yourself of what keeps you down, then stop reading here.  If you want to take pills for the rest of your life and numb your emotions, then I suggest you continue with your weekly therapist.

If you believe you want to have a life that you enjoy, rid yourself of the problems that are holding you back, and not be tied to pills and therapists for the rest of your life I suggest you continue to read on.

Read other testimonials and then decide for yourself. Hypnosis only helps you if you really want the change. If this is you, I suggest you call Suzanne. I also suggest if this is not you, you check back in a year for my next update- I am that “optimistic” now.  Because of Suzanne I now believe that I am no longer depressed and no longer need medication or therapy.

And if you are like I was-a former depressed “patient”, you know what I mean.

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