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Hypnotist client clears depression, anger and anxiety in only a few sessions

I came to Suzanne as my last resort. For years I had tried to find the source of the uneasiness and anxiety that had plagued me for most of my life. I felt as though I had no purpose in life and just woke up each day and went through the motions putting one foot in front of the other to get me through the day because that’s all I knew how to do. While my life appeared very successful on the outside, I had always felt broken and like a fake on the inside.

Working with Suzanne was wonderful because she kept very focused on the work we were doing and did not buy into the “stories” that I have gotten used to telling myself and others. She has a model that she has confidence in and continued to work it till we got to the bottom of the particular issue that I was working on at the moment. I felt very comfortable being open with her which is the basis of being able to release past traumas and patterns. She worked tirelessly and at my pace to ensure that every last bit of work was done and done correctly.

Having released a life time of anger in one evening and  eons of guilt, shame, fear and depression on the second evening next, I found the very next day that I stopped feeling the urge to eat uncontrollably. I was able very naturally and without any effort to consume about half the food I had been eating. I actually chose a salad for lunch over mashed potatoes which never happened before. And I felt completely satisfied when I was done. I feel a sense of calm and okay-ness with things which is a state I can definitely say that I have NEVER experienced before. The day after my final session with Suzanne, I found the energy to do more activities than I have done in years. All effortlessly. Relationships that caused huge amounts of angst and suffering, the reason that drove me to find Suzanne in the first place, haven’t just disappeared. However, I am finding my response to them to be very, very different. They don’t have access to my energy like they did in the past.

I was able to see old incidences that held a lot of power over me in new light and release their hold on me using Suzanne’s techniques. As a result, results I desired but tried to force to happen are now beginning to occur naturally without any intervention or effort on my part. I am excited and very much looking forward to the long-term changes that will reflect the tremendous clearing and repatterning we did in our sessions.

I am very grateful to having found Suzanne and wish her continued success in her life and work.

V.G., Arlington, MA

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