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Fellow hypnotist achieves a breakthrough and experiences emotional freedom

As Suzanne worked with me on a breakthrough and Time Line Therapy (R) while we were at the American Board of Hypnotherapy Conference in Newport Beach, California, I felt what I had always wanted to feel, that a practitioner knew and understood my history and cared deeply that I recover from it.

Having worked with Suzanne gave me the congruence I needed to begin my hypnotherapy practice. I had taken so many classes, learned so much information, talked with so many people, read so many books but as yet had not had an experience of the processes of the “breakthrough”, “Time Line Therapy (R)” and “hypnosis” working for me. Consequently, I was reluctant to work with others in these processes.

Because of her thorough, meticulous, energetic digging for information about my history and her knowledgeable and artful use of the processes, I felt she deeply cared and was committed to helping me have the emotional freedom I wanted and that I wanted to give to my clients. Having achieved my personal goals quickly and rather painlessly, I learned how to work with others in the same dedicated way and have had fabulous results with my clients since then.

Suzanne’s experience, knowledge, commitment, dedication and attention to the details in taking my personal history and in the interventions she planned were great assets but her deep unwavering caring is what did it for me.

I am forever grateful.

Sandra Bright
Murrieta, CA ,Certified Hypnotist, Master Practitioner & Trainer Level
Certified Time Line Therapy, Master Practitioner & Trainer Level
Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner & Trainer Level

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