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Businesswoman clears depression and anxiety which stops her binge eating

Wow! My first session with Suzanne accomplished more for resolving deep emotional issues than I had done in six years of therapy. After one afternoon with Suzanne, my depression is POOF — gone! My resentment about chores and work is POOF — gone! All cravings for comfort food and comfort activities (addictive computer game playing, escapist reading) are POOF — gone!

This is amazing to me, for I had done various pillow-pounding and crying and confronting and catharsis-ing and family-sculpting and empty-chair Gestalting over the course of those six years, and had made lots of progress. I had become far less screwed up, able to pursue goals, and no longer compelled to help everyone who crossed my path.

However, despite all this work in various forms of cognitive and deeper emotional therapy, I became increasingly stymied and plagued with procrastination, depression, and various forms of addictive behaviors, all of which got worse as the years passed. Mini-binging on comfort food packed an extra 170 pounds around my middle over a period of 20 years. A dread of marketing restricted my income to a level of stark subsistence where I was sliding deeper and deeper into debt, with no end in sight. My depression grew from chronic grey “blahs” to moments of blackness when I wondered if my life was worth living. Worse, my comfort activities were no longer effective at soothing the pain. Worse still, my finances reached such a crisis that I was constantly anxious and stressed out. I considered going back into therapy, but (a) I doubted it would be useful since I had “been there, done that” — and (b) I needed faster results.

What convinced me to try Suzanne’s hypnosis was her description of how her process works to access and resolve the deeper emotional issues underlying the problem feelings and behaviors. During her timeline work with me, we went back to at least seven core moments in my childhood. Her process enabled me to reach new understandings on a gut level and release the painful emotions that were tied to those moments. Several were so early in my life that I had no actual memories of them, only the knowledge that they had occurred. One was even further back in my family’s history — between my Dad and his father — before I was born. But it was relevant to my work and my stuckedness, so we went there and did the work.

As a result of two afternoon sessions with Suzanne, my feelings of sadness and the accompanying desire for comfort foods and activities are simply gone — dissolved. My procrastination is also gone. When I get up in the morning, I’m eager to get to work on building my new life, both as an entrepreneur/businesswoman and as a novelist. I decide easily and quickly what I want to do next, and have invented a system for “triaging” all the urgent demands on my time. My dread of marketing no longer paralyzes me, and even though I still feel some anxiety about reaching out and contacting strangers, it’s mostly the nervousness anyone might feel about exploring unknown territory and learning a new skill that was previously frightening even to contemplate.

Four weeks later, I am still in a state of WOW!!!!!

Thank you Suzanne!

Wyn, Natick, MA

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