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Sep 08 2014

Mental Disorders: The Sad Truth About Eating Disorder Treatment – Vol. 153, June 15

There is this idea in the majority of the eating disorder treatment centers that they have a better idea of how to heal eating disordered people than the eating disordered themselves. In many of these places it is thought that the main issue to be resolved is the ending of the compulsive behaviors that make …

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Jan 13 2014

When Will Marketers Stop Screwing With Self-Conscious Teens Body Images? – Vol. 133, Jan. 5, 2011

Katie Kindlan wrote on the December 6, 2011 ABC News Blog of the “picture perfect” computer generated models that the huge clothing retailer H&M is using on their website to sell their swimming suit and lingerie online. They claim that doing this allows the garments to be the main focus of their shopper’s experience. I …

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Nov 11 2013

The Slippery Slope of Bulimia Nervosa – Vol. 125, Nov. 3, 2011

Over the past few years I have worked with several young women who found themselves in a precarious situation beginning with the innocent notion that they would just feel a bit better about themselves if they would just lose a few extra pounds. Instead what happened was that they got more and more engaged in …

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May 04 2013

An Interesting Weight Loss Case History – Vol. 102, May 12, 2011

There are many reasons why people put on some extra weight. Many have emotional components to them. Here is an interesting case history to prove that point.

Oct 27 2012

Antistress: Stress Reducer Tips to Reduce Emotional Stress and Manage Your Life – Vol.155, June 29, 2012

Stress is a major part of American life these days. It is also the main reason why people get ill. Many people are working too many hours, stuck in long traffic filled commutes, taking care of their families and sometimes elder parents. No wonder it can be difficult to focus on taking care of yourself. …

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Oct 06 2012

Eating Disorder Treatment: Physiological Causes of Eating Disorders – Vol. 145, April 19, 2012

Over the years that I have been working with eating disorders it has been obvious that these clients have a very poor idea of how detect the normal bodily cues such as when they are hungry or full, have inability to sense their weight, as well as not having a clear idea of what their …

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Jul 27 2012

Why Katie Upton should model swimsuits for women

Vol. 159, July 28, 2012 One needs to ask the question why it is necessary for one female to pick on another female’s body as the blogger of “Skinny Girl” has done. She goes as far as to call Kate Upton a “ little piggy. ”This because of this bloggers notion that Miss Upton has …

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