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Jul 28 2014

Vol. 97 February 2011 – Living Your Definite Purpose

This article demonstrates two examples of how two woman were derailed from their definite purposes and how they got back on track.

Jul 21 2014

Trichotillomania: Do You Or One Of Your Kids Pull Out Hair?

Suzanne works with a child how habitually pulls at the hairs in his eyebrows. This action was caused buy what the child perceived as a traumatic act earlier in his life. Suzanne also discusses how this treatment may word differently for adults

Apr 28 2014

Volume 98, March 2011 – Friendship: What Is It?

Friendship consists of a special understanding through a respect of one another. This article explains how to build healthier friendships though better communication.

Mar 20 2014

Are You Consciously Unconscious

Are you living the life that you thought you wanted to find out that it is not fulfilling you? Perhaps if you got in touch with what you really wanted you could be a bit happier.

Feb 10 2014

Vol. 91, August, 2010 – Where Passion Creates Life

Work is an important part of our lives, however, sometimes we forget that there are other things in life that make life much more fulfilling than just the work that we do, no matter how meaningful that work may be. In this newsletter, Donna N. explains how it was that one passion in her life lead to another deeper passion that allows her to more fully live her life without the need of any chemical interference, prescribed or abused.

Jan 09 2014

How Does Someone Become a Healthy 83 or 93 Year Old?

  So How Does Someone Become a Healthy 83 or 93 Year Old? – Vol. 233, Jan. 9, 2013   Anyone who personally knows me, knows that one of the places that I love to hang out is the whirlpool, any whirlpool that is hot enough with lovely massaging bubbles to be enjoyed. I especially love …

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Dec 09 2013

Anger, Depression Focused Inwardly

This client sought Suzanne help for smoking cessation, but then discovered he needed to work his way through other issues related to his parental relationships.