Aug 08 2013

I’m Stressed Out Taking Care Of My Elderly Parent: Help!

300px-Nurse_in_geriatryI’m Stressed Out Taking Care Of My Elderly Parent: Help!

Vol. 211, August 8, 2013

Many years before I got involved in hypnotism, I worked in home care for elders. The great majority of the client’s grown children felt overwhelmed and unsupported in the care of their elderly parents. Many felt that they didn’t have a life any more with all the responsibility especially if they still had kids at home that needed parenting. Here are a few things that you can do to help you to reclaim your life:

1. Remember that you are only going to be as helpful to someone else as you are to yourself. So take time off to take care of you so that you are in a better emotional place to help your parent out.
2. Hire other people to do respite for you if you have your parent living with you. It is so important because everyone needs a break from the day-to-day responsibility.

3. Go to a home care company and they will be able to place someone for you to take your place for whatever amount of time you desire from a couple of hours to doing over nights.
4. Make sure that you eat well and get yourself some exercise because these will help you to stay healthy in the first place.
5. Have someone with whom you can speak to from time to time to vent your emotions. This will allow you to feel supported and help you to better communicate with your parent.
6. Many times if you have a sibling who isn’t really helping out much at all, you may find that if you request the assistance you will receive it.
7. Learn how to relax yourself using self-hypnosis, meditation or yoga It will do very well by you.

There is a time when you need to realize that there is more skilled nursing help that is required than you can give on your own. This happens anytime you realize that you are feeling depressed and overwhelmed unable to really keep your parent safe. If you are in this situation you will recognize yourself in this explanation.

We are all human and all have our limits. Please listen to your inner self so that you will be in the best situation possible to help your parent to have the best life possible without losing yourself to this huge responsibility.


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