Mar 16 2013

Stress: You Feel it, But Do You Know What It Is Doing To Your Body?

Vol. 39, June 2006

People today are under a lot of stress. It seems as if there is never enough time to take care of oneself, never mind getting done all the things that need to get done in any given day. Even positive situations like having a baby or starting a new job can create stress in your life.

You may feel the stress as a slightly sick feeling in your gut, or perhaps tightness in your neck or shoulders. Perhaps you have a back ache that will not go away yet there is no physiological cause. What are those signals in your body telling you about your health?

First of all over a prolonged period of time the body is not able to respond to stress which is what brings on the health problems in the first place. Chronic stress impairs nerve cell function in the brain which can lead to emotional problems such as anxiety, anger, and irritability. This can cause you to feel confused, reduce your memory and decrease your concentration. These particular symptoms can be called depressive illness which is a very serious problem that needs to be attended to by a professional.

The immune system can become impaired which hinders the ability of the immune cells to function. When this happens allergies, lupus, Fribromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can occur.

The gastrointestinal tract subjected to repeated and long term stress can lead to ulcers, upset stomach, appetite loss and diarrhea. Irritable bowel disease is one common disorder that is probably caused by prolonged stress. If you are under stress for too long your body can produce too much cortisol which can lead to abdominal weight gain.

Bone mineral density, skin rashes, impotence, loss of sexual desire, sweating, cold hands and feet and insomnia can also be experienced. So you see your entire body can be affected by an accumulation of stress.

What you need to understand is that chronic stress speeds the aging of the cells and ultimately wears out your body. Do what you can now to slow that process down.

With an optimistic world view and some ways to work with the stress that is in your life you can create a healthier you. Certainly self-hypnosis is in order to help you to relax while giving yourself suggestions in the direction of the goals that you would like to achieve, is a wonderful way to reduce stress. Regular meditation is also great. Keep a journal to release your feelings and a gratitude book to keep you positive. Exercise and. eating a balanced healthy diet help. Being with people that you enjoy lightens the load. Doing activities that you find fun and inspiring will create a sense of well being that is important. Pay close attention to the details that actually need your attention, prioritizing what really needs to be done.

Turn off the news for it is full of stress causing information. Stay away from people that you find annoying, negative or unsupportive. There are many ways to help relieve the stress in your life. Most importantly focus on what you want in your life and in so doing, you are relieving yourself of a lot of the underlying causes of emotional and physical health problems in the future.

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