Mar 16 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy & Act Your Faith – Vol. 405, March 16, 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy & Act Your Faith – Vol. 405, March 16, 2017

I am staying in a place with several other woman. Last evening a new woman joined us. I don’t know exactly how old she is, but I would say mid 70’s or so. She uses a cane to walk, her arthritis having taken over her body. She is very slight in build, though at one time, she explained she was an athlete, though I don’t know in what specific sport.

Last evening I witnessed a very sweet woman helping this new woman to get undressed to take her shower, because she has a hard time doing this for herself. Another had started the shower so she wouldn’t freeze under the cold water that would come out without heating it up first.
These were both acts of compassion, duly warranted in this situation.

However, this morning I was horrified to witness, one of the leaders of our group – a self-proclaimed “Christian” pushing this other woman to get ready quicker then she could. I was horrified to hear the demeaning tonality used to get this message across. Indeed the whole morning ritual of getting ready for the day at this place, this poor elderly woman was reprimanded for, not knowing the rules, and beside herself with the whole situation. It is my guess that this woman doesn’t belong in this place, because she can’t do what is required. However, it is also disturbing to me to see a self-proclaimed “Christian” treat another human being so cruelly.

It is my understanding that the most important aspect of any religion, any spiritual practice is to treat people at least in the manner in which you would like to be treated. Christ was a teacher of letting go of judgment, especially of those that you feel are worse off then you. It was his teaching that these were the ones that needed the love and care the most to help them heal.

If you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person, stop quoting scripture and start doing the “good works.” Stop thinking you are above others and be one with others, because you never know where you may be yourself one day, when the kindness of others could make a huge difference in your own life. And by the way, it is through the gifts you give others, without expecting a thing back in return, that you will find your greatest fulfillment. Try it out.

If you are a person who is going through some trials of your own. Speak up regarding your needs to those who could help you fulfill them. If you never ask, you can never know what help may have been there for you all along. I have found that being honest about my own needs, people always come forth to help me out. Because, the truth is, people like to be helpful to others, it just plain feels good.

Photo by Jonathan Rolande

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