Oct 22 2015

STOP Medicating Our Kids For Depression – Antidepressants Don’t Work For Teens!

138/365 Frustrated.STOP Medicating Our Kids For Depression – Antidepressants Don’t Work For Teens! – Vol. 331, October 22, 2015 

I am totally sick of our pharmaceutical companies screwing with our kids minds. When is it ever justified to give your kid a substance that has been proven only as successful as a placebo, while creating horrible side effects such as suicidal behavior? I will tell you when; Never!

Unfortunately in these days of scams, the big pharma ever more greedy for income has ditched many of the studies that have been done that show that their sometimes deadly substances are well, deadly and ineffective. The BMJ under the RIAT, (Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials) initiative, seeks to have these abandoned and misreported studies published or formally corrected.

There is a whole article that was printed up in Medical News Today, Thursday, September 17th that explains how the drug Paroxetine is not safe, causing thoughts of suicide while being no more effective than a placebo. There were many errors made in the original research. Worse, the original manuscript was not written by any of the 22 named authors, instead it was written by a drug company employee.

You can find synopsis of that article here: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/299485.php – but before you read that, please read below how you can better help your kid let go of their depressed feelings.

What I want all of you to understand is that kids don’t need to be medicated to get their problems dealt with. What they need is a loving parent who is able to validate their feelings. We all have them and we all need others to validate them. They need parents that are interested in them enough to ask them what is bothering them. They need to know that they can have choices given to them from which they can choose. They need to know that they have the ability to come up with their own solutions to those problems because this is indeed what I have found to be true in my hypnosis practice.

Children and teens are very talented at hypnosis because they operate naturally from their unconscious mind. The youngest kid I worked with was a 9 year old gymnast. I treated her as an adult because she had more determination to make her goal then many adults. She was able to figure out in one session what her issue was. She no longer wanted to work the uneven parallel bars because her coach’s assistant was tossing her so hard her hips got bruised every time she was put on them. The solution: easy, speak with her coach to remedy the problem, no longer slamming her against the bars, which was done. I had the kid speak to her coach, because this was her arena, not her parents. I told her mother if her daughter needed her to talk to the coach to step in, but not without her daughter first given the chance to advocate for herself.

I have worked with another teen who was 19 years old. He was a song writer and could no longer write his songs. He came to me for two sessions. In the first we discovered that his problem was that he had lost three of his grandparents and a few of his animals so he was grieving. No wonder why he couldn’t create? We regressed him back to all the losses and then helped him to heal those losses. By the next session a week later he was asking me for some paper. Why? Because he had the lyrics of a new song come to him, right there in front of me.

Kids have reasons to feel poorly. Here’s another one: A 10 year old whose parents divorced when he was 7 years old. Why? Because his mother got involved in cocaine addiction and got into all sort of trouble including losing her nursing job. All this kid needed was for his dad to first explain how people can change resulting in relationships no longer working, and second to have his dad give him the time he craved to play with him – tossing balls, or playing video games – it didn’t matter – he just needed to know that he mattered.

I could go on and on with case histories of kids that I have worked with who had simple situations that just needed to be better understood. How about the kid who was taking seven advanced placement classes feeling pressured into it, yet her mother didn’t have any idea that she was placing this sort of pressure on her daughter. They had a great relationship except for this aspect. A bit of understanding went a long way in healing that relationship in all of two sessions.

If your kid doesn’t know why they are doing what they are doing, hire a hypnotist to help them get underneath the conscious awareness to pull out the cause of the negative feelings from their subconscious.

I had a psychiatric nurse send her teen daughter to me because she was very upset that her boyfriend had dumped her. One session, the situation was resolved. Really, do we need to medicate the normal emotions that we all have when upsetting situations arise? No. Do we need our kids to spend months or years in therapy to resolve them? No.

Why not work with your kid’s mind the way it was made to be worked with and then you will find in most cases, not all, but most, the problem is easily resolved. Work with a hypnotist who allows the kid some say in the treatment planning. It makes all the difference to give them the respect they rarely if ever receive in life, especially where their own treatment is concerned. They know what they are feeling and they have their own answers inside their own mind. Give them the access to that resource. In the long run it will save your kid and your family much grief, that I can promise you.   

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