Nov 04 2013

Still Smoking? Why? – Vol. 122, Oct. 13, 2011

Did you know that one in five deaths are related to cigarette smoking according to the Center For Disease Control 2010 research. That equates to 443,000 deaths annually including 50,0000 deaths from second hand smoke among adults. Adults who smoke cigarettes die 14 years earlier than nonsmokers.

Now I know that most of you are aware of the diseases smokers die from related to their habit of smoking. Many of them slow painful deaths. What I don’t think many people give enough thought to is the number of children who will lose their parents or grandparents due to this dangerous habit.

Let me explain a bit of how my smoking cessation program works so you can get a bit of an idea as to how it is that I know why most of my clients decide to stop smoking. There are three pieces of information that I need from my clients to include in my program. One of them is why they would like to stop smoking. I can tell you that in the majority of cases it has nothing to do with worries about their own health. Though I will acknowledge that a minority are concerned about becoming ill as a result of their smoking habit, mainly because they are experiencing some difficulty breathing, less energy and perhaps some coughing usually in the morning, this isn’t the reason that most of my clients come in to stop smoking. Some come in because they had some relative that was close to them die of cancer or one of the pulmonary illnesses that made breathing difficult. However, this too wasn’t enough for most of my clients to come in to stop smoking. I even had one client who beat cancer and that wasn’t even her main reason for wanting to stop.

The real reason why most of my clients decided that it was time to stop smoking was because the young children in their lives had repeatedly told them that they had to stop because they were afraid they were going to die. Think about this for a moment. A person may be unable to breathe, move about in a normal fashion or may even be attached to a tank of oxygen for survival and that is not enough of a scare to stop them smoking. It took the fear of losing the client by a young child in their life to finally make the decision to stop smoking. In the client’s mind they finally decided they wanted to be around to see the child grow up.

This idea of doing something for another being easier than doing for one’s self is a fairly common way for people to get the help that they require. Unfortunately most people don’t value themselves enough to do it for themselves. So, one needs a little child to beg over and over for their loved one to take the action to stop the deadly habit, sick of feeling guilty for putting the young one through this ordeal. That is the number one reason my clients give me for stopping smoking and it is the best reason that they can have because all of those who did it for the love of the child in their life be it a child or a grandchild were able to stop smoking forever.

If you are currently a smoker and want to stop smoking either due to the guilt you feel as the child in your life keeps pleading with you to give it up, or for some other reason, I have a very successful program to help you finally end this unwanted habit of yours. You can get the details of the program right here on the website under the tab: STOP SMOKING NOW and easily join the millions of people who have like you made the decision to stop smoking.

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