Aug 08 2017

Sorry For The Onslaught of Posts & Future Plans For DVH

As happens at least once every few years, technology doesn’t always work the way we would like.

Sam, my web man did what was necessary in updating the email plugin we use, and the result was to send out all the weblogs going back through time. Though I am sure some of you were wondering why I was sending out so many weblogs in a day, others of you who better understand that one does not always have control over those things we take for granted in the world of technology, understood it was a technological glitch. Rest assured the problem has now been resolved.

So long as I am needing to get this apology and explanation out to you, I am going to take this opportunity to update you on where Dawning Visions Hypnosis is going into the future, because there are some very exciting things coming up very shortly.

Currently I am driving my way from California, back to Massachusetts for about a month in the place I called “home” for 35 years. There are many reasons for taking the time to do this. My mother who is now 84 years old, broke her hip in January and has been declining in her health both mentally and physically since. I have not seen her in a very long time, so it is incumbent on me to stop in and see how she is doing and “show my face.”

I have several clients back east, some of whom are wanting me to do work with them on my way to the next level of work for Dawning Visions Hypnosis. And, there is a story to explain why we are going in this new direction:

I have worked on the east coast and on the west coast, and what I realized is that for the most part the conventionally trained medical and mental health professionals have little idea in how their words can either help or hinder the healing of their patients. This was something that all my clients have brought to my attention, especially my former young clients with anorexia, bulimia, anxiety and the former sex addicts. I attended many conferences put on at Torrance Memoial Hospital, in Torrance, California, with world renown experts in addiction and there was only one who I really respected for her work with sex addicts – Dr. Alexandra Katehakis. This is a woman who has truly done her best to be humble and learn how to best help her clients at her program, Center for Healthy Sex. I had originally saw her present back in 2011 when I went to an addictions conference in Newport Beach where she explained the physiology behind sex addiction. This is what made a huge impact on me and the way that I did my work with those particular clients. It all started when they were unable to get the eye-to-eye contact with their mothers, so never formed what in psychology is known as “normal attachment” with their primary care giver, making it impossible for them to grow a normally functional amygdula of the brain, which is where our emotions are formed.

With this in mind, Dawning Visions is going to train the medical and mental health professionals as well as trainers of hypnosis and neuro-linguistics programming. It is about time we shared the knowledge gained over the past 15 years of treatment with those heart centered soul driven professionals, who understand that with the correct processes at hand, these individuals can be healed forever. There is no need for these clients to have to ‘manage’ their illnesses, because they are no longer ill!

We are also starting a whole new initiative working with pediatric oncology patients and their whole families. I came to understand that: with a brother of my own who died of non-lymphatic leukemia before his 4th birthday, when I was merely 2 months old, with the knowledge that I visualized my on meningioma away (non-cancerous tumor on the meningies of the brain) and having been mentored by a psychologist who specialized in oncolgy patients at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, that perhaps it was time to tell that story and help the families to truly heal. We are going to roll out this program when we have the funds to offer the retreats as sponsored events for these special families. We are going to ask for donations on as well as put 20% of the proceeds from all the trainings we do toward this very important cause. We will have companies that sell to kids and parents sponsor this work as well.

I came up with this idea because I realized that in my own family, my mother was busy taking care of me, her new born child, my dad was busy taking my brother David, to the hospital for his treatments. It dawned on me to ask the question: Who was there with my then 5 and 6 year old sisters? What was being done to help them deal with their terminally ill brother or to make them feel special during all this time? My guess, since I don’t have any memory of it, is that they were left to some caregivers and probably didn’t receive the loving care that they needed during this period of their lives. Neither of my sisters ever complained or even spoke much of those years of their lives. However, as an adult looking back on it now, I can’t see how they were given their necessary emotional needs. I want to change that for the siblings of those who go through our retreat, allowing the siblings to know that they are just as special as their ill sibling, while allowing the parents to learn how to de-stress from their challenges, while teaching the patient how to use their unconscious mind to help heal themselves from the side-effects of the medicine and maybe even like me, disappear their tumors away. Kids are particularly talented at doing hypnosis, living in their unconscious mind, and it is my guess that what took me two years to achieve as a 47 year old, may take them a small fraction of the time. In any case, it will be an opportunity to learn how to best help these young patients and bring that knowledge to the greater oncology community. Because, as far as I am concerned, we needn’t harm their young immune systems with chemotherapy and radiation, when they have the power of healing right inside themselves if given the chance to learn how to do it.

In September, I am going to Thailand, a haven for ex-pats, with very inexpensive living, beautiful people, a beautiful environment, great tasting healthy food, and everything a person could desire to run a company from one’s computer. The plan is to travel the world staying in wonderful places that are welcoming to people such as me, working to create some real change in the world without all the expense of having a home, a car and whatever other things most Americans believe they cannot live without. I have never been one to do the “conventional” lifestyle finding it deadening to my soul. Why else would someone go into hypnotism instead of conventional mental health?

Futher, from my point of view, I would much rather be out there learning about the world’s people, perhaps going back to Uganda and Kenya to continue the work started with the two organizations that I teamed up with back in 2011 and 2013. Bringing this work to the beautiful people of the financially poorer, yet spiritually and emotionally healthier of the 3rd world is very alluring to me as a practitioner and trainer. They have taught me much more about living a happy enlightened life, then I have taught them, I can assure you.

So, there you have it, the future of Dawning Visions Hypnosis going forward. And, yes we will continue with the weblogs, though maybe not on a weekly basis. That depends what time allows for, and with the podcasts “Claim Your Excellent Life.” We do these projects for the education of anyone who may be wanting to learn about hypnotism and health in general. Some clients come through on the basis of these publications, from the back history as they are looking to find information to help heal themselves. It is a service that I feel is very important to humanity in general and therefore will be continued.

I thank you for being readers, listeners and clients of Dawning Visions Hypnosis, Inc. This company was never built to be anything but a force for waking people up to their own internal powers of their own minds to “Set souls free to live their purpose, on purpose.” To empower people to let go of those irritating issues that get in the way of living a happy and fulfilled life, and most importantly help heal those issues that can kill a person if not treated with the acumen and sensitivity necessary, given the stigma behind those clients that were called into work with me, because that is all any person desires and deserves the world over.



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