Sep 15 2016

Sometimes You Just Have To Change Direction -Adam Markel’s “Pivot”

Vol. 379, September 15, 2016 – Sometimes You Just Have To Change Direction -Adam Markel’s “Pivot”

Near the end of last year I took my first Millionaire Mind Experience with New Peaks. It was at that event that Adam Markel had started to pre-sell his new book Pivot. The idea behind the book is that when things aren’t working out the way that we would like them to, we need to do a “pivot’ – to get on a better track.

For the past 14 years I have been working in the field of hypnotism as it is applied to people with all sorts of obsessive compulsions. These ran from smoking cessation to very debilitating and in some cases potentially deadly eating disorders and drug addictions.

As a result of reading Adam’s book, I have rethought the direction of Dawning Visions Hypnosis, Inc. There are many changes in our society that have become difficult for people to navigate and it is these directions that I am moving the company forward.

First, there is an epidemic of type 2 diabetes, which wouldn’t be occurring if the treatments given were doing their job. The treatments can’t do their job because diabetes is really a systemic problem which causes malfunctions in many of the body’s systems: cardiovascular, nervous, pulmonary, immune, and circulatory. This is because though the insulin levels vary, so do the leptin levels, one balancing out the other in normal functioning. Leptin is the hormone that keeps your appetite in control.

Diabetics urinate a lot and in so doing lose much of the water soluble nutrients needed for the body to function normally. It is a matter of malnutrition really. So, the way to help people to overcome their type 2 diabetes has every thing to do with eating a much better quality of foods. I am rolling out an online program as well as an upgraded program where I will be leading a small group of participants a couple times a month for the support that can be very helpful in helping one to make their weight loss and increased nutrition goals.

I am also going to be rolling out a program specifically for C-Suite executives who are fed up with the likes of their corporate positions, yet are fearful of leaving and doing something different with their lives. That could be a c level position at another corporation that is better aligned with the clients values and interest, moving onto self-employment doing something that the client find more attractive or even a lateral move in the same company. This will be limited to 12 participants because we are going to be traveling to spiritual places all over the world and a smaller intimate group would be far more conducive to the process then a larger one.

Lastly at the end of next year I am going to be rolling out a Mastermind for those who have been in my previous group trainings who would like to join an intimate group of 12 to further along their careers, personal, financial, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. We will be traveling to spiritual places around the globe 3 times a year and meet monthly on the phone to make sure everyone is keeping on track with the projects that they are working on.

These projects are both very meaningful to me and exciting to be offering to those who are interested. Because they are lll new programs, those who join me for the Beta edition of them will both receive a discount and be able to collaborate on making these the best offerings for the participants possible.

So, if you are going through a “pivot” in your life, or believe that one is coming along soon – no longer feeling fulfilled, or may fearful of losing your job doe to layoffs, perhaps you would be interested in receiving priority notice for when these new offerings come out. If so, just send an email to: and let me know which program you would like more information about and why you would b interested in it.

I look forward to hearing form each of you, and working to create something truly special for your improved life and career.

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