Jul 24 2014

Scientists Are Beginning To Understand How We Can Rewrite Memories As We Do In Hypnotic Work All The Time

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Scientists Are Beginning To Understand How We Can Rewrite Memories As We Do In Hypnotic Work All The Time – Vol. 268, July 24, 2014

Isn’t it interesting that researchers at the University of California, San Diego have been able to form memories, erase memories and replace memories of mice and rats. In these experiments scientist were able to erase the rats memories of being shocked. They realized this effect by noticing that the rats no longer were acting afraid of being shocked. This was reported by Steven Sparkman in Newsy.

Last year an experiment was done where scientists implanted a false memory in rats.

Scientists, M.J. Richardson and Sierra Blakely, learned how to turn parts of the brains on and off in mice and rats by shining the correct light on them, after having taken genes that convert light into electricity from algae and jellyfish, and placing them into the neurons of mice and rats. They call this new field optogenetics where they can turn on and off neurons of the cells wherever they want. In this way they can change the behavior and diseases of the organism’s brain. So far no research in this area has been done on humans needing new technologies and modalities to heal the brain according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Humans have been rewriting their memories through hypnotic technique while in the altered state called hypnotic trance for thousands of years. When a client comes in and is given a technique to gain a new perspective on an old memory, they are in a fashion rewriting their history. That old event that was once so emotionally painful, has had the negative charge taken off of it, allowing the client to have the feeling, “So what, it’s no big deal.” With this accomplished, the client is able to move through life now without that trauma creating ill feelings toward themselves or the person who may have hurt them in the past.  We know that this work is unable to be done in the waking conscious mind of the beta brain waves. It has to be done in the altered state of alpha or theta brain waves. These are the same brain waves that one is experiencing while doing meditation, for hypnosis is nothing more than “meditation with a purpose” as Julie Griffin, my first hypnosis teacher so eloquently explained to her classes. The purpose of the hypnosis being the process used to get the results that the client has come in to receive.

Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist and the author of Biology of Belief explains that when we are between the ages of 0 to 7 years of age all learning is done though the subconscious mind, the child not yet having developed the mental ability to reason, rationalize of judge anything, all the stimuli go directly into the the child’s subconscious mind where it is all “recorded.” Now, if the child is in a heightened emotional state when that in put is recorded in the subconscious mind, meaning below the conscious awareness – that child will respond to that stimulus accordingly. So, if the child is being treated well, the child will feel good about him/her self. If the child is being yelled at and demeaned that child may grow up feeling unworthy love and/or success.

The manner in which a hypnotist might take care of this problem is to have the person go back to the event and gain the perspective of an older person who can then better understand that perhaps the parent had a bad day at work and therefore would be less likely to personalize the comment. In this way we have in a sense “rewritten the memory” taking the emotional charge off of it. This is most helpful in situations where the client had some particularly horrific events in the past that has emotionally damaged them. The interesting aspect to this work is that it takes minutes instead of many sessions to clear these events using the subconscious mind, it being hundreds of times quicker to process information than the conscious mind.

Since work is done in the altered state of trance, the client comes out of the state feeling lighter and brighter having let go of the negative connotations of these events having gained a different perspective, allowing the client to move past these incidences living a much happier and fulfilling life.

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