Aug 01 2013

Relaxation: Do You Know Why To Do It?

World Class Spa, Health Facilitates in Riviera NayaritRelaxation: Do You Know Why To Do It? – Vol. 210 – August 1, 2013

Many years ago before I got involved in hypnosis, I was always rushing around…until I would drop from exhaustion. You see I had it in my mind that I had all these things that I needed to do to get ahead in life. There were many courses to take, people to meet and of course projects to get completed. It never dawned on me that perhaps I was pushing too hard and needed to give myself some breathing room.

Now, my ex with whom I was living during this time realized that I was running around all the time. He being a more thoughtful and deliberate person than I, realized that perhaps I was running myself into the ground. He had suggested that I learn Transcendental Meditation. He tried really hard to teach me how to do it but it was hopeless. I was always wound up so tight, never able to allow my mind to empty in the sort of way that one needs to in this form of meditation.

So, what happens when one’s mind is always racing around, and worse when one is constantly on the go, never able to relax?
Well, you end up wearing out your body because all bodies need to rest. When one does learn to relax and implements it into their life here are the benefits gained:

1. Increased levels of helper cells that defend against infectious disease was found in medical students, according to a report in the Journal of Medicine.

2. Releases muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and slows the heart and breath rates in the people who do Howard Benson’s Relaxation Response.

3. An overall sense of calmness and peace of mind is the direct result whenever anyone decides to do any sort of activity that would promote relaxation including yoga, biofeedback, meditation, repetitive prayer and self-hypnosis.

It was learning the last of these, self-hypnosis, that finally allowed me to slow down and enjoy the moment I was experiencing. I know that my heart rate is much healthier without all that running around. I also know that an inner sense of peace and calm are always at hand when I need them, because I have learned that there different paces to life called:  “moderate”, “slow” and even “staying still” to be integrated into my life.

How about you? Are you ready to learn how to slow down, enjoy your life as you are experiencing it? Are you willing to allow yourself to enjoy the simple calmer pleasures in life to help to lengthen you life? Because all that running around is fine when you are young, it isn’t so fine when one gets a bit older and needs the peace and solace offered by just taking it a bit easier, taking in the scene and relaxing, at least some of the time.


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