Aug 15 2013

PTSD for soldiers:How to cure depression naturally without turning to the drugs being promoted as cures for PTSD – Vol. 114, August 18, 2011

PTSDIt seems that the United States government is the largest drug pusher that there is looking for the easiest way to take care of emotional issues by pushing drugs instead of dealing with the cause of the problem.

In the MSNBC report of August 2, 2011, it was reported that a 6 month, randomized control study of combat veterans being treated with an antipsychotic medication known as risperidone worked no better than a placebo at diminishing the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder than a placebo. The Journal of the American Medical Association also reported that risperidone was ineffective in lessoning depression and anxiety.

It seems every few months we are hearing of medications being cross purposed to handle problems that they were not created to work for such as this antipsychotic drug being used for depression or anxiety. Antipsychotics used to stop the hallucinations that a psychotic event would set off. That would be a person seeing or hearing things that are not part of reality. This has nothing whatever to do with the neurotransmitters that are involved in depression or the reasons that people might suffer from anxiety.

For the life of me I can’t understand why it is that medications with all of their terrible side effects so completely disclosed for the safety of the consumer on the television, radio and print advertisements  would be the way that one would go about dealing with these issues of the mind. It seems to me that if you have an issue of the mind the best way to contend with it is to work in the mind to disengage the thought processes that are behind the ill mental state. We have known for hundreds of years how one can go about doing this without polluting our bodies with harsh drugs that create ever more problems as the body goes about clearing out what it knows as toxins from the liver or kidneys depending on which organ is to do this job.

For the past 10 years I have been doing hypnosis, going to the cause of the issues involved in the unconscious mind to work with clients to clear out the negative thoughts and behaviors that create the emotional problems that the medical world just can’t seem to eradicate on any real level as proven by their own studies.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to deal with post traumatic stress as proven with all the clients that I have assisted in dealing with physical, mental and sexual abuse over the years.

My question to you is simply this? Are you willing continue tossing harsh chemicals into your body for the potential of receiving a placebo effect or are you ready to confront those issues head on and finally be released from them?

If you want a solid solution without any side effects hypnosis is your answer. As always, do look for a practitioner that has solid knowledge of your particular issue and say good-bye to your problem. It is well worth the time and investment to do this for yourself.

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