May 26 2016

A Practical Lesson on the Dangers of Prescription Drugs

 A Practical Lesson on the Dangers of Prescription Drugs – Vol. 363, May 26, 2016

About a month ago I volunteered at the Drugs Will Kill Youth Summit for Torrence & Lomita youth. We had about 80 youth between the ages of 11 and 18 participate. The summit was set up to educate the youth about the toxicity of drugs and alcohol. We set out to give them the tools they needed to respect themselves and their lives instead of falling for peer pressure.

There were two young teens who I saw outside the main meeting room during a break who were speaking to one another. I asked them if they had learned anything during the first presentation. They said that they did not because they weren’t paying any attention. I told them that was really too bad, because the information that they were there to receive could very well save their lives, if they cared at all about their lives.

During the next session there were four presentations that were being given on drug and alcohol abuse. I was headed for the one on the dangers of prescription drugs having just been invited to it by the presenters on that topic. It also happens to be a subject that I know a little about given my work in the business of hypnosis.

During the presentation, a video was played where some of the young adults spoke of how easy it was to become addicted and the horrific lives they lead in that addicted state. Others spoke of terrible situations that they found themselves in as a result of taking drugs. The main message given was that prescription drugs are prescribed for the person who is taking them. They are not to be taken by anyone else because these are toxic chemicals that your body really doesn’t know how to handle. The situation is worse if you have no idea what you are ingesting.

I brought up a few examples from my practice where one person who was given some opiate pain killers for a knee operation at the age of 18, found herself addicted to them for the next 15 years. I spoke of another young woman who had taken some drugs and was confined to a wheel chair in a senior living annex of a hospital seen biting her arm, her brain no longer functioning as it had. I had another client, 19 years old who was got so drunk she blacked out, only to find herself raped by a guy who was at the party with her.

The presenters spoke of a party game that is played where a bowl is filled with prescription drugs and each participant takes some and ingests them not knowing what the are and how they are meant to act on the body. The youth were told that there are many Emergency Room visits as a result of this particular activity and not all the kids end up alive.

I bring this up to get you thinking about what you are doing. To think before you act. And, most of all, if you are a youth at a party where drugs are available, do yourself a favor and remove yourself before something horrible happens to you or someone who is present. It is bad enough hearing about the stories, it is much worse to have taken some part in it.

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