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Pop a Pill or The Alternative Medicine: Hypnosis

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Vol. 86 March 2010 – Pop a Pill or The Alternative Medicine: Hypnosis

Article written by Donna N.

I am not sure if there are more pills to cure disease or if there are more actual diseases in the world at this point. One thing is for certain, all of us at one time or another has taken some type of pill for some sort of symptom. We don’t even have to have an actual disease or illness, merely a symptom to reach for that little pill bottle. We take pills when our head hurts, when we can’t sleep, and we feel nauseous. There are not just aspirins now, but aspirins for backache, headache, arthritis, migraine, joint pain, muscle aches and the list goes on. We even take pills to get ourselves to do what we want to do but are just unable to like: losing weight, quitting smoking, or sexual compulsiveness.  We take pills when we have low energy or if we are too hyper. We even take fertility pills if we want to get pregnant or sexual enhancement pills for better sex. We take pills to control our OCD or any other undesirable condition that we may suffer from.The list is endless and I will bet for any symptom, there is a pill somewhere to make it better. And it makes sense to us for why suffer through life if we do not have to with all these annoyances.

All of these methods of “fixing” ourselves are legal and accepted in our society today. We don’t think twice to reach for an aspirin if we have a headache or a sleeping pill if we cannot sleep. Do we ever wonder why we are getting that headache or if there could be a reason behind the constant stomach pains or need for internet porn? We don’t think twice of giving our child a pill for that ADD or learning disability he or she might have. In fact  we feel we are helping our child to do and perform better by giving him or her a pill to overcome their “disability” or inadequacy.

Do we ever stop to think what that little pill might be doing to our bodies and our minds? Our minds start to learn to rely on these “helpful” synthetic chemicals, such that we know if we get a headache, relief is just a pill away. Or if our stomach gives us agita, relief is just a plop, plop or fizz away. But is this how we really want to go through life, with synthetic man made chemicals to correct for life’s twists and turns. Our bodies become a vast wasteland when we think of how old we will live in relation to how many grams of chemicals we toss into our bodies and that excludes all the chemicals we ingest from food processing and other means of pollution on a daily basis. It is very rare that any of us in this polluted and fast paced hectic world today does not suffer from some sort of “aliment” be it high blood pressure or headaches. The list is just too long to even think of. And even if we don’t suffer from any particular symptom, we  take something to prevent getting the symptom in the first place such as pills to boost our immune system.

Would it not be better if we could allow our minds to help in controlling our bodies?  Would it not be better to allow our minds to heal our bodies naturally? This can be done through hypnosis. Through the art of hypnosis one can stop smoking, learn to relax enough that they no longer need a pill to wind down, or help get them to a better state of mind to have more energy without having to take that stimulant, to be able to focus more or eat less. Whatever the desired result, hypnosis can assist your mind in allowing your body to do what you want and desire for it to do naturally.

The Physicians Desk Reference is a huge book, and it contains hundreds of pills, drugs and medicines all designed to make our lives better. I question the fact that these drugs always improve our health. In many cases, they are needed.  In many cases maybe they do improve our health. In all too many cases, not only are they not needed, but there is an alternative that is not as easily reached for in our society because it is not as advertised or drummed into our minds as much or as easily as reaching for that pill.

Hypnosis is thought of as an alternative medicine. Alternative medicines are not always thought of as our first line of defense when we have a health issue. You will not find hypnosis in CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid. We tend to automatically reach for the easy and quick fix, that pill. Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the underlying cause of the symptom be it a simple headache to insomnia. If these symptoms and ailments are chronic and bothersome on a regular basis, and if you have just had enough of treating the symptom and want to treat the cause to prevent the symptom, perhaps hypnosis is a possible alternative to simply popping that pill.

Hypnosis can help you conquer just about anything that you might want to take a pill for, and there are no side effects. Taking one pill for one symptom sometimes causes another separate symptom for which you take another pill. With hypnosis, there are no side effects, and you will deal with the issue at hand not creating any others in the process. You will overcome what it is that ails you from sexual compulsiveness to drug addiction to insomnia without creating any other issues in the process. Taking too many aspirins can cause an ulcer. Isn’t it better to deal with the headache, before you get that ulcer? Isn’t it better to allow our bodies own natural chemicals to do the healing? Our bodies have the natural ability to produce the chemicals we need to live the comfortable lives we want, we just have to know how to access them, not to be found in a bottle or in CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid.

Note: Hypnosis for medical issues is to be used in conjunction with your medical professional. Referrals from medical professionals are required under the law of most the states in the United States and many other countries for your own safety.

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