Oct 27 2012

Perform Your Way to Success

Volume 66, July 2008- Perform Your Way To Success

I recently had the great honor of working with one of the Boston areas great performance icons. This gentleman is in his eighties and has been performing in the area for over 60 years at this point. He came in to see me because he was having some difficulty in writing the material that he uses in his performances. On top of that he has had some physiological changes due to his age that he was hoping to get under control with the use of hypnosis. However, the most important issue of all was his lack of self-esteem. In short he wasn’t feeling all that great about himself because he was not making the sort of money that his family would like him to have made. This seems interesting given the fact that this man has worked his entire life and would be at the point where he would have long ago been retired if he were working in the normal “work-a-day” world. However to this gentleman’s credit he has always lived life on his on terms and lives to perform.

From the hypnotist’s point of view it is usually much harder to work with a person who is older for they have had decades to practice the strategies that do not work for them. Usually people who are more mature, have been dealing with the trials through life. Added to that they usually have a skeptical notion of what hypnosis is and can do, but come in because they have tried everything else to no avail.

I am happy to say that this particular client was very well equipped to work with hypnosis. In fact he was fascinated by it and had done a lot of self education in the subject, even going as far as practicing some self-hypnosis. This made it easy to work with him since he was so open to what could be accomplished.

The first session we went over the goals that he had set for himself. His friend who accompanied him to the sessions was helpful in bringing up other issues that were of concern to help him out. It is my experience that it is most useful to have another person who the client is comfortable with and knows what is going on to help explain the situation at hand.

After we got the list of issues that we needed to work on, I next asked for the goals that my client would like to receive as a result of our work together. With that list I next went on to speak to what hypnosis is and how it works. From there we cleared all the issues that were in his way. It was very interesting because in this case, the cause of all the other problems seemed to be his feeling that at this late stage in his life he had not lived up to other’s expectations in terms of his ability to create the income that he should have. This was because he chose to live according to what fulfilled his passion, rather than work in a job that he may have made more money, but would have resented. This is true of most of the artist I know. In this day of internet access and sales, there really is no reason for a performer such as this man to not be able to create whatever income he would like. He has a following from all the years he has been out there working in his craft, and further has no reason to feel any shame for adding to the culture of our society with his art.

During the second session we worked a bit more on his successfully performing the way he knew he could while adding more feelings of pride for what he has already accomplished while allowing him to see what that he could create a much larger income if he would allow his audience the chance to purchase CDs and DVDs and books that could be easily created by his friend. Once he was able to really believe that this was true, he was easily able to release all of the issues that held him back, “performing with the energy and control of a man 20 years younger than he is” according to the thank you email I received from his companion who accompanied him on his hypnotic journey and the very next show he did after the hypnosis was completed.

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